Toronto mayor threatens CBC reporter

Toronto's Mayor Mel Lastman Tuesday confronted a CBC television reporter, threatening to kill him for invading his family's privacy.

Lastman walked up to reporter Adam Vaughan in the council chambers and angrily accused him of leaking a story about Lastman's wife being arrested for shoplifting in April.

The mayor told Vaughan to "leave my family alone. If you don't leave them alone, I'll kill you." He also threatened to have Vaughan fired from his job at the CBC.

The Toronto Star printed a police report of April 19, which describes how Marilyn Lastman was arrested for shoplifting. According to the police report, she was not charged "due to her age as well as no outstanding offences on her record." The newspaper said it had been "discreetly" investigating the incident and decided to publish the story because of the mayor's outburst in a public place.

Lastman refused comment when contacted by CBC radio Wednesday morning.

Lastman has sent a letter of apology to Vaughan, saying, "It was improper to have a private conversation with you in a public place. It was also a conversation inappropriate in tone and language."

Vaughan denies leaking any stories on Marilyn Lastman.