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The Battle of Vimy Ridge, as it happened

Canada on April 9 commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge — a defining moment for our country. Follow along as we highlight key events in the battle.

After Vimy: Did Canada really find its independence in 1922 battle it refused to fight?

After sending thousands of young Canadians to die for the British Empire in the Boer War and First World War, the Chanak Affair in 1922 marked the first time Canada said "no" to participating in a British war.

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of The Battle of Vimy Ridge

As many as 25,000 people came to honour the Canadians who died in the First World War as they and their comrades pushed up Vimy Ridge as part of the Battle of Arras in April 1917, capturing the strategically important ridge from the Germans.

Regina family travels to Vimy for 100-year anniversary

Eleanor Palmer went to Vimy in honour of her grandfather, John Palmer who was part of the 24th Battalion of Victoria Rifles of Canada.

Sagkeeng students experience Vimy memorial firsthand

17 students travelled to France to witness the 100th anniversary memorial service

100 years later: Leaders pay homage to fallen soldiers at Vimy Ridge

Canadians who died at Vimy Ridge helped shape Canada into a nation committed to peace, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Sunday at the commemorative ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

Trudeau faces history and political legacy of Vimy

One hundred years ago, Canadian prime minister Robert Borden heard about "Canada's victorious day" while in London, then spent a month visiting the wounded. As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marks 100 years since Vimy, he faces many of the same political burdens.

B.C.-built replica WW1 planes land in France for Vimy Ridge centennial

Volunteers at the Canadian Museum of Flight in Langley, B.C. assembled two full size, operational Sopwith Pup replicas to be flown over the Vimy monument in France.
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How a Cape Breton farmer led a pivotal battle at Vimy Ridge

A Nova Scotia researcher wants to tell the story of the 85th Battalion Nova Scotia Highlanders and how their fight at Vimy Ridge ensured a victory for the Canadians.

Raised in early hours of Vimy battle, cross honouring Canadians returns to France

A well-travelled wooden cross marking the sacrifice of 57 Canadians in the First World War battle at Vimy Ridge has returned to France from Toronto, a rare relic that will go on display this weekend at Vimy.

Vimy was a triumphant battle, but it was hardly the 'birth of a nation'

To call 1917 the birth of Canada is also to ignore the triumphs and history of the nation that preceded it: the deep Indigenous roots, the success of Confederation in 1867, the settling of the west and so forth, all of which could just as credibly be called the beginning of Canada as we know it.

Commander's journals capture 'momentous' day for Canadians on Vimy Ridge

"Monday, April 9th: One of the most momentous days in Canadian history." Those words were written in a leather-bound journal by Maj.-Gen. David Watson, who led the 4th Canadian Division into battle on Vimy Ridge. Now his journals are part of a new exhibit that recounts key First World War battles through the eyes of those who took part.

'Take pride in your country': Oshawa students are in France for 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge battle

Thirty-two Oshawa high school students will be in northern France on Sunday to commemorate one of the most significant victories in Canadian military history.

Why Vimy matters: Peter Mansbridge on a battle that defined us

The monument at Vimy can take your breath away, but we should never forget its true meaning — to remember 11,285 Canadians who died in France during the First World War but whose bodies were never found.

How to teach a new generation about Vimy: Peter Mansbridge

How do you engage a new generation with an old story about a military battle thousands of kilometres away?

'Canadians take Vimy Ridge': A soldier's diaries recount battle preparations and horrors of war

As Canadians mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge on April 9, diaries kept by a young soldier from Toronto reveal the horror of war and preparations for a battle many see as a pivotal point in the country’s history.

Métis sniper made his mark for Canada at Vimy Ridge

Before he took to the battlefields in France and was among the thousands of Canadians who made the push for Vimy Ridge on April 9, 1917, Henry Norwest was a married father of three who frequently moved around Alberta to find work.

In the trenches of Vimy Ridge

Each year thousands of tourists and school groups visit the Canadian National Vimy Memorial in France and tour the First World War tunnels and trenches while learning about the history and players at the Vimy Centre.

The oaks of Vimy: One man's mission to restore a natural treasure to the battlefield

Despite setbacks like tree-killing disease and even unexploded shells, Monty McDonald remains determined to fulfill his dream of building a living memorial of oak trees at Vimy Ridge to honour Canadians who fought there 100 years ago.

Colourized photos of First World War bring Canadian history to life

In honour of Remembrance Day, the Vimy Ridge Foundation is releasing colourized versions of rare First World War photos.

Vimy Ridge 100th anniversary ceremony

As many as 25,000 people came to honour the Canadians who died in the First World War as they and their comrades pushed up Vimy Ridge as part of the Battle of Arras in April 1917, capturing the strategically important ridge from the Germans.