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Don't knock people who like to walk — literally

The sad fact is that pedestrians are still second-class citizens, writes Elizabeth Yeoman.
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Promises, promises: Where will the money come for these last-minute pledges?

At this late stage in the campaign, we should view any major announcement as nothing more than theatre, writes Terry Hussey.
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I pay taxes, obey laws and give back to our province — but in this election I can't vote

Permanent residents contribute to the social, cultural and economic landscape of Newfoundland and Labrador, but we will not have a say on Thursday, writes Prajwala Dixit.

Hey Google, am I parenting OK? A new mom catches her breath

Navigating parenthood is tricky, and you might want to put the phone down. An illustrated essay by Katie Rowe.

Let's hear it for the nans: Here's why we all need a (grand) Mother's Day

Be grateful to your nan. You may have her to thank for your very survival, writes Ainsley Hawthorn.
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If you want to know about arts funding, think of the tiniest slice of pie you've ever seen

There are good reasons why I helped launch an arts funding campaign, writes playwright Robert Chafe.

​​​​​​​'Skategate': How the Liberals got a free ticket to a campaign controversy

The skating club in Marystown got a grant it never asked for, and questions still swirl over how exactly Liberal insiders got tickets to a Kaetlyn Osmond celebration, writes Anthony Germain.
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Our government is not serving us. It's time to get serious about democratic reform

Putting people over party is just one critical way we can bring our democratic institutions up to date, writes Lori Lee Oates.
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Hey politicians! Here's some free advice on getting young people (and others) to vote

N.L. had the worst turnout in its electoral history in 2015. Andie Bulman says politicians can avoid a repeat by looking at what's happened in Prince Edward Island.
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My life as a closet smoker: How I hid the truth from the ones I loved, and me as well

Even after her father had a heart attack, Gail Myles continued to smoke. In a powerful Point of View column, she reveals the path that got her to quit for good.
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My first grown-up job was CEO: Why I decided to leap off the beaten path

Everything was falling in place for a solid career in accounting, and I knew in my gut I had to make another decision, writes Emily Bland.
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Just tell me the truth, candidates. We can handle it

Don't try to sell us on some half-baked marketing slogan. Tell us a story about a future that makes sense, writes Terry Hussey.
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Public libraries left alone in the proposed budget — but here's why that's not as good as it sounds

Same ol' operating budget, same ol' problems, writes Stephanie Tobin.

Inuk in the city: My experience moving from a rural community to St. John's

The realization that I was about 1,400 kilometres away from home hit me harder than I expected, writes Tyler Mugford.
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After a zombie budget and the stink of Muskrat Falls, we need a new job description for premier

The first requirement: must be willing not to relocate. A new column from Edward Riche
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Did I make the right call? Moving from Newfoundland to Texas and back again

After finding love, a way of life and deep connections in Texas, Luke Quinton made the fateful decision to move back home. He found more than he expected on his return.
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I was never a car guy, but here's why I fell in love with one

I may stand about 4'8" but I feel like I'm towering over traffic when I'm in this 4x4, writes Paul David Power.

Electioneering aside, it's time to alter the political DNA in N.L.

With a provincial election on the horizon, columnist Prajwala Dixit wonders how diverse the slate of candidates will be.
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Over a cliff in a clown car: Rethinking Confederation, while watching the chaos of Brexit

Seventy years after Newfoundland joined Canada, Edward Riche shares his notes on how confederations come together and are ripped apart.
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That time I flew to an icebreaker buried in ice in the Strait of Belle Isle

From the air, the icebreaker that has become a lifeline to some coastal communities looks like a red mitten that's been lost in the snow, writes Meg Roberts.
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So, migraines … turns out a lot of people get them, eh?

When Stephanie Tobin wrote a column about suffering from migraines, she had no idea so many people would respond.
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In the shadow of Mount Cashel: The tipping point of disillusionment with the Catholic Church

Mount Cashel marked the beginning of an estrangement for many former churchgoers, writes Ainsley Hawthorn.

Paranoid? Not at all. A letter from the perfect candidate to be the new privacy czar

We've been paying to give away our privacy for years, after all. Enjoy a little satire from commentator Edward Riche.
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Stage managers always have it together. Here's how you can, too

Stage managers have to have it all together or the show will fail. Here's how you can use their skills and strategies in your own daily productions.
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How a spy pen and a shocking court case show technology will always outpace the law

Ryan Jarvis took videos of his young, female students using a spy pen. Why did it his case have to go all the way to the Supreme Court for a conviction?
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We need our ancestors: Lessons I've learned in cemeteries and the homes of strangers

A journey of discovery revealed my ancestors and I are connected, no matter how long ago they walked on the earth, writes Wanita Bates.
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I may look 'fine,' but I'm dealing with depression and anxiety — the gift that keeps on taking

I might be wearing the mask of appearing OK. It's a skill many of us have developed, writes Dwayne Tuck.
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I've hit a wall. And I may not get over it

Paul David Power's play Crippled was invited for a run in San Francisco. But U.S. border authorities wouldn't let it in the country.
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The pedestals were washed away: The sex abuse scandals that rocked the church in N.L.

It started with Father Jim Hickey. Then came Mount Cashel. Three decades later, veteran journalist Roger Bill looks back.
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N.L. needs a permanent inquiry department to catch cock-ups in real time

The Muskrat Falls inquiry is going better than expected, writes Ed Riche. So why not keep the process going forever?
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I learned to change a light bulb, and many other things, after my partner died

My other half was the handyman in the relationship. Then, all of a sudden, he was gone, writes Paul David Power.
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Nearly 20 years of migraines and the pain is still surprising

Can't see, can't speak, can't stop throwing up. The glamorous life of a woman with chronic migraines, writes Stephanie Tobin.
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Is there ever a bad day for us to talk about mental health? Nope

Bell is doing great work but encouraging people to talk ought to include actual talking, not retweeting an ad, writes Vickie Morgan.

Just imagine if the Liberals branded legal weed in their own image

In a satirical column, writer Edward Riche speculates on what a Liberal strain of cannabis products might be called.
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Priests and pastors shoulder a huge emotional burden, but they're burning out ... alone

Priesthood may be a calling, but no one can go it alone, writes CBC contributor Ainsley Hawthorn.
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Coffee culture, indeed: Why a generous cup of coffee meant so much during Hurricane Igor

When Prajwala Dixit moved to St. John's, she found that coffee was much more than a breakfast beverage.
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Don't worry, St. John's; you may not be oldest, but you've got other stuff going on

From made-up "traditions" to tearing down old buildings, St. John's is known for some dubious things beyond its age, writes Edward Riche.
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Don't buy beauty products where you get office supplies, and other lessons

From how to properly eat an apple to beauty shopping at Staples, Wanita Bates learned some valuable lessons over the last 12 months.
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Chill out, folks; there's no need to be so defensive about Christmas

It isn't even the most important Christian holiday, writes Ainsley Hawthorn.
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A heavy heart at the Christmas table: It's not always the most wonderful time of the year

December is a month filled with light and cheer. But, for contributor Wanita Bates — and so many others — there is always something missing.

Political contributions have corrupted the system, and they have to stop

N.L. remains shackled to a system in which politicians rely on business and union donations, and the donors expect much in return, argues Terry Hussey.
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How a Christmas parade made this skeptical dad's heart grow 3 sizes

A lesson one Gander father has learned from his kids: if you don't live in the moment, you're not living at all.

Come Via Halifax — the raucous new sequel to Come From Away

Stuck in the Halifax airport with a bunch of accordion-carrying Newfoundlanders? There's no telling what could happen!
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I was just a kid myself when I became a mom, but my family and community made it easier

Having a child when you are still one yourself isn't easy, Kanani Davis says, but it's less difficult when you are surrounded by support.
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Here I am by Corner Brook's brand-new hospital. Oh, wait

The new hospital in Corner Brook was supposed to have been built by 2016. The city still has a vacant lot.
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Christmas is here! Yay! But what about other religious holidays?

Canada may be a multicultural nation, but its public holidays include celebrations for just one religon, writes Prajwala Dixit.
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It may make you uncomfortable, but I want you to know about the son we lost

I finished a book about my son just when I should have been planning his fifth birthday party, Vickie Morgan writes.
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Sorry, newscasts; you're just way too depressing for me these days

They say ignorance is bliss. With the news lately, I have to agree.

I'm trans, I'm American … and I'm terrified of going home

A transgender man living in St. John's shares his strong reactions to new moves by Donald Trump's administration.

Do I know suffering? Well, I happen to be a lifelong Toronto Maple Leafs fan

Whoo boy, just wait until we can sing We Are the Champions, and mean it.

Here's why we can't afford to keep the horror show that is HMP open

There is a path to dealing with Her Majesty's Penitentiary, writes lawyer Mark Gruchy. It has simply not been chosen.