Trudeau pays tribute to slain soldier on 3rd anniversary of Parliament Hill attack

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marks the third anniversary of the attack at the National War Memorial in Ottawa by calling on Canadians to pay tribute to the soldier who was killed.


Paramedics get bravery awards for response to 2014 Ottawa shooting

Eight Ottawa paramedics, including a superintendent and the chief of paramedics, are receiving bravery awards from the province for their response to the shootings at Parliament Hill and the National War Memorial in 2014.

Officer wounded in Ottawa shootings tells his story after bravery ceremony

A House of Commons security officer who was shot in the leg when a gunman stormed Parliament Hill publicly shared his story for the first time on Monday.

'Outstanding courage': RCMP to honour 20 for response to 2014 Ottawa shooting

Twenty people will receive awards later this month to recognize the bravery they showed while responding to the shootings at the National War Memorial and Parliament Hill in downtown Ottawa in October 2014.

After Ottawa shooting, 6 people still bound by effort to save Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

The six people who rushed to Cpl. Nathan Cirillo's side as he lay dying at the National War Memorial remain connected by the shocking events of that day one year later.

Voices: Remembering Patrice Vincent, Nathan Cirillo and Oct. 22, 2014

Politicians, fellow soldiers and the Canadian public are gathering on Parliament Hill today for a ceremony to mark the anniversary of two uniformed soldiers killed one year ago.

Ottawa shooting: Day of chaos remembered 1 year later

A crowd of about 2,000 people — including hundreds of soldiers, government officials and citizens — gathered at the National War Memorial in downtown Ottawa to pay tribute to the lives of two soldiers killed on their home soil last year.

Ceremony to honour Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent to be held today

A ceremonial service to commemorate the Parliament Hill shooting and the lives of two soldiers killed on home soil last October is set to take place at the National War Memorial this morning.

RCMP missed chance to stop Oct. 22 gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau: OPP report

RCMP officers had a chance to stop gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau before he entered Parliament Hill but did not, according to a report into the unprecedented Oct. 22 attack inside the seat of Canada's government.

Ottawa shooting report says Cpl. Nathan Cirillo tried to take cover during attack

Struck in the back by a bullet, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo tried his best to take cover as gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau pursued him and kept on shooting during the attack at the National War Memorial last Oct. 22. Chilling new details of the last moments of Cirillo's life are contained in the police report on how events unfolded.

RCMP release unseen video from Zehaf-Bibeau's manifesto

The RCMP have shared the previously unreleased 18 seconds from Ottawa gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau's video manifesto, all of which are spoken in Arabic.

RCMP to release OPP report on Oct. 22 shooting, full Michael Zehaf-Bibeau video

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson says the OPP’s much-anticipated report into the RCMP’s response to the Parliament Hill shootings will be released either this week or next.

Ottawa shooting confusion caused by scale of police response, report says

The sheer scale of the police response to the Oct. 22 shootings in downtown Ottawa contributed to confusion on the ground as the investigation developed, according to an Ottawa police report.

6 things we learned about Michael Zehaf-Bibeau and Parliament Hill shooting

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson appeared before a federal committee Friday to show a video made by Parliament Hill shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau and discuss the Oct. 22 attacks. Here are a few things we learned from his testimony and the video.

Ottawa shooting in pictures

In a brazen attack in Ottawa on Oct. 22, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau shot and fatally wounded Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial before heading to Parliament's Centre Block, where he was shot dead.

Attack on Parliament exposed 'systemic' security gaps, says ex-JTF2 commander

Retired lieutenant-colonel Steve Day, a former leader of the elite JTF2 counterterrorism unit, looked at CBC News and security video footage frame-by-frame and found flaws in the system, although individual officers acted properly.

Coroner's investigation into Michael Zehaf-Bibeau's remains continues

Three weeks after the deadly attack on Parliament Hill, the medical evidence in the death of shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau is still being examined by the Ottawa coroner's office.


Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, Ottawa shooter, took Parliament tour weeks earlier

The gunman behind the shooting on Parliament Hill that killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo took a tour of the House of Commons and the Senate less than three weeks before he was gunned down outside the parliamentary library.

In eyes of the world's media, Canada has lost its innocence: Jeff Semple

Canada rarely makes news outside of Canada, but the Parliament Hill shooting and the allegations against Jian Ghomeshi have propelled our quiet country into international headlines, prompting some media to view the nation, not with the usual condescension, but with genuine concern.

Ottawa shooting called 'tragic' by Obama, world leaders

The shooting in Ottawa drew international attention and reaction from Canada's closest ally, the United States, and beyond. President Barack Obama offered his support and condolences in a call with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other world leaders did the same.


Shooting on Parliament Hill: What CBC's raw camera footage shows

On the morning a gunman ran right in the front door of Parliament Hill's Centre Block, CBC/Radio-Canada had assigned three different camera crews to cover the weekly party caucus meetings. When shots rang out, news instincts kicked in: each bravely pressed the record button. Watch the uncut footage here.



Ottawa shooting: Reconstructing the Centre Block shootout

Terry Milewski on what the CBC's raw footage of the Oct. 22 Parliament Hill shooting reveals about what happened and how people reacted.


Ottawa shooting: 1 week later, city continues to cope

People continue to gather at the National War Memorial in downtown Ottawa, one week after a gunman shot and killed a soldier standing guard and then stormed the front door of Parliament.

Heroism during Ottawa shooting leads to free beer for Alain Gervais

House of Commons guard Alain Gervais won't have to pay for beer for a long time to come after Molson Coors Canada delivered several hundred bottles to his home in thanks for his work in last week's shooting.

Ottawa shooting: Stephen Harper tells MPs he's sorry he left during attack

CBC News has learned Prime Minister Stephen Harper told his hushed caucus he felt remorse for surreptitiously ducking into a closet during the chaos of last week's shooting as MPs from all three parties returned Wednesday morning to the caucus rooms they were in during the assault on Parliament Hill.