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What heat waves and climate change mean for the future of kids' camps and sports

Climatologists predict coming years will see heat waves that are more frequent and more intense. What does climate change mean for recreational sports and kids camps of the future?

Shifting ground: How thawing permafrost is threatening homes in Canada's North

People living in Fort Good Hope, N.W.T., feel their homes are threatened as the ground literally shifts beneath their feet. They blame the thawing permafrost, which is shifting the land and the houses that sit on top of it.

'Our busiest year yet': Contractor says more residents installing screw piles to mitigate overland flooding

As water levels increase, residents are going to private contractors to combat flooding.

Pilot project turns food waste from Kitchener businesses into clean energy

The downtown Kitchener Business Improvement Area is asking for local businesses' food waste, and handing it over to be turned into clean energy.

Vancouver Island village of Cumberland strives to 'Keep it wild, keep it weird'

Historic Vancouver Island coal mining village wrestles with own success after reinventing as outdoor recreation paradise.

Cape Breton weather watchers tracking island's diverse microclimates

A citizen science network called the Cape Breton Weather Mesonet is using 51 home weather stations to gather weather and climate data in places never observed before, and hope to use the information to learn more about climate change.

The environmental cost of smoking pot

Cannabis was legalized a year ago, and while growing operations span across the country, CBC's Amy Dodge takes a look at the environmental footprint it's leaving behind.

Music festivals strive to be more environmentally sustainable in a throw-away society

Music festivals in recent years have been shamed on social media for the garbage left behind when everyone goes home. But Hillside Festival and Riverfest Elora organizers are stepping up to reduce garbage and be environmentally sustainable.

Anxious about climate change? There's a support group for that

A support group called "Coping with climate change" is hosting its fourth monthly meeting on Wednesday evening at The Causerie in downtown Kitchener.

Beer made with solar power gets sunny reception

Randy and Denise Rowe says the bewery has tripled its craft beer production three years after launching Off Grid Ales on the shores of Harvey Lake. 

The business of the blue box—inside a small town recycling company

Take a look behind the scenes of the business of the blue box, with a company that handles the recycling for 50 small towns and First Nations in northern Ontario.

Fort Nelson Subway owner's worm composting experiment expands at local landfill

An experiment that started with a bucket of worms and a pile of garbage has expanded into a major regional project at the Northern Rockies Landfill near Fort Nelson. Red wiggler worms eat organic materials and break it down into nutrient-rich castings that can be used for soil. 

Corner Brook kids swap recess for recycling, and make their whole school greener

"They're so motivated. They want to make a change, and that's exactly what they're doing."

'We are not Toronto's kitty litter': Fight over proposed landfill underlines urgency to manage city waste

The fight over a proposed landfill near Ingersoll, Ont., highlights two opposing pressures: Small towns don't want big-city trash, but Ontario dumps are filling up fast.

As beach season begins, a mounting fight to keep shores swimmable

Ontario's beaches are plagued by problems like E. coli, receding shorelines and high waters, making some unswimmable. Finding fixes isn't always easy ⁠— here's who is tackling it.

Trash or Treasure? Food scraps could replace fossil fuels, research suggests

Engineers at the University of Waterloo say they've found a way to transform table scraps into a replacement for fossil fuels, providing clean energy and an alternative to petrochemical plastics.