Relief, resolve follow sentencing in Renfrew County triple murder

About 20 people gathered at a library in Eganville, Ont., Wednesday night to remember three Renfrew County women who died in 2015, and to pay tribute to the 14 women killed in the Montreal massacre 28 years ago.

Basil Borutski will die in prison for 'vicious, cold-blooded' murder of 3 women

Basil Borutski will die in prison after being sentenced Wednesday to 70 years without parole for murdering three of his former partners in a shocking one-day spree of violence in eastern Ontario more than two years ago.

'Wounds that cut to the bone': Triple murderer Basil Borutski to be sentenced today

The trial of Basil Borutski, who murdered three of his former partners in 2015, will come to an end Wednesday in a Pembroke, Ont., courtroom when the judge decides how long he'll spend in prison with no chance of parole.

What the courts knew about Basil Borutski before he murdered 3 women

New details are emerging about what the courts and probation officials knew about Basil Borutski a year before he murdered Nathalie Warmerdam, Anastasia Kuzyk and Carol Culleton in 2015.

Basil Borutski's history of violence

CBC News has compiled a detailed timeline of triple murderer Basil Borutski's history with police and the courts, and uncovered disturbing details of his relationships with women.

Justice system must address how killer slipped through cracks, advocate says

Now that Basil Borutski has been found guilty of murdering three of his former partners, it's time for the justice system to talk publicly about how he fell through the cracks, says the director of the Women's Sexual Assault Centre of Renfrew County.

Marchers say Basil Borutski guilty verdict was too little, too late

About 100 people marched through Ottawa's downtown Saturday afternoon, one day after Basil Borutski was found guilty of murdering three former partners in what's been called one of the worst domestic violence cases in Canadian history.

Advocates demand action against domestic violence following Borutski verdict

Women's advocates are demanding less rhetoric and more action against domestic violence after Basil Borutski was convicted Friday of killing three of his former partners in a single day in September 2015.

Basil Borutski guilty of murdering 3 women in shocking killing rampage

Basil Borutski has been found guilty of murdering three of his former partners in a shocking one-day rampage that has been called one of the worst cases of domestic violence in Canadian history.
Photo Evidence

The Basil Borutski trial in pictures

CBC News has compiled some of the pictures shown in court during the triple murder trial of Basil Borutski, who murdered three of his former partners on Sept. 22, 2015.

Basil Borutski's fate now in jury's hands

The six men and five women of the jury at accused triple murderer Basil Borutski's trial have been charged and are deliberating.

Basil Borutski had 'intention to kill,' Crown asserts as trial draws to close

Basil Borutski intended to kill each of his three victims on Sept. 22, 2015, Crown attorney Jeffery Richardson argued during his closing statement at Borutski's trial Tuesday. But a lawyer appointed to ensure Borutski gets a fair trial questioned whether he had a formulated plan.

Closing statements expected today in Basil Borutski trial

Closing statements are expected today as the high-profile trial of Basil Borutski, accused of murdering three of his former partners, nears its end.

Fate of accused triple murderer Basil Borutski could be in jury's hands Tuesday

Accused triple murderer Basil Borutski's fate could be in the hands of the six women and six men of the jury early next week, the judge told the jurors after the Crown closed its case and Borutski, who is representing himself, declined to testify or call witnesses Wednesday.

DNA linked to 2 victims found on accused triple murderer's clothes, trial hears

Bloodstains on clothes seized from accused triple murderer Basil Borutski the day he was arrested contained DNA linked to two of the victims, court heard Tuesday as his trial resumed.

Accused triple murderer never attended domestic violence program despite 2013 order

A man accused of murdering three of his former partners was ordered two years earlier to attend a 12-week partner abuse response program after threatening the family of one of the victims, but didn't attended a single session, his trial heard Wednesday.

Basil Borutski trial: Read full letter to accused's probation officer

A letter arrived on the desk of accused triple murderer Basil Borutski's probation officer just days after the killings of three women, and that letter was entered into evidence at his trial Wednesday.

'Nobody wants to hurt you': Basil Borutski trial hears from officer who texted suspect

An Ottawa police sergeant trained in negotiations counselled the suspect's brother on what to text to accused triple murderer Basil Borutski ahead of his arrest in a field west of Ottawa, the jury at Borutski's trial heard Tuesday.

Basil Borutski trial hears of suspect's tense takedown

The trial of an accused triple murderer heard about the arrest of a suspect in a field west of Ottawa the day the bodies of three women were discovered, and also heard that one of the victims had been protecting herself with a domestic violence alarm, a shotgun and security cameras.

'Things will happen': Disturbing texts to victim heard at accused triple murderer's trial

Text messages sent between homicide victim Carol Culleton's phone and a contact identified as "Basil" were heard in court heard Thursday, and they depict a friendship she made repeated attempts to get out of, attempts that were often met with anger and threats.

Homicide victim's son tells court he watched man chase his mother with a gun

The son of homicide victim Nathalie Warmerdam told court what he witnessed when a man named Basil showed up at his house with a gun on Sept. 22, 2015, and chased after his mother.

Accused triple murderer assaulted victim year before her killing, trial hears

Accused triple murderer Basil Borutski was convicted of assaulting and attempting to choke victim Anastasia Kuzyk the year before she was killed, at a time when he was also on probation for offences against another of the three victims, his trial jury heard Monday.

'I thought, we are both going to die,' victim's sister testifies at Borutski trial

The sister of Anastasia Kuzyk, one of three women killed in and around Wilno, Ont., in September 2015, told the accused killer's trial what happened that morning when a man showed up with a gun.

Homicide victim's friends worried before her death, trial hears

Homicide victim Carol Culleton's boyfriend and close friends were worried for her because of her handyman's strange behaviour leading up to her death, court heard Wednesday, and testimony from one of them sparked accused triple murderer Basil Borutski to speak and participate briefly at his trial for the first time.

Homicide victim annoyed at handyman, colleagues tell murder trial

In the weeks leading up to her death, homicide victim Carol Culleton was annoyed by the pace of her handyman and mentioned a series of strange incidents involving him, colleagues of hers told court at her accused killer's trial Monday.