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The coop is down, the chickens rehoused, but Witless Bay couple fights on

A new non-profit homesteading association in the province can help other people in the same position, Gideon Barker said.

Fired ministers, harassment allegations ... yup, this legislative session was like no other

They've dealt with issues they've never had to confront before, while trying to pass important pieces of legislation.

Legal fight ensnares Muskrat Falls managers still waiting on wages

An injunction filed by Astaldi has "really prevented the flow of money," said Premier Dwight Ball.

Waiting on wages: 122 non-union Astaldi workers owed paycheques

"They deserve to get paid for the work that they've done," said Premier Dwight Ball on Thursday.

Finance minster accuses MHA of having 'illicit drug market' connections during weed debate

Question period took a unusual turn in the House of Assembly on Wednesday.

Unanswered questions casting shadow on $6.8B oil announcement, says Opposition

Keith Hutchings says the province needs to make an agreement about who will make payments to the UN, and get solid answers about the new federal environmental assessment process

Ambulances take too long to respond on Southern Shore, says MHA

"You could be looking at well over an hour-plus," says Keith Hutchings.

David Brazil to replace Paul Davis as Opposition leader

Conception Bay East-Bell Island MHA David Brazil has been chosen to replace Paul Davis as leader of the Opposition in Newfoundland and Labrador's House of Assembly.

PCs warn no-layoff clause in proposed NAPE contract 'leverage' for future deals

"There seems to be confusion about when this would terminate. Is there a sunset clause? Is there not?"

Liquor corp under fire for $160-an-hour cannabis consulting contract

The opposition is raising concerns about a consulting contract awarded by the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation to the man behind the Liberal's last election advertising campaign.

Commission rejects proposed Liberal change to new MHA pensions

After months of debate and waffling, the House of Assembly management commission has accepted a new pension plan for MHAs recommended by an independent committee.

Mistaken disappointment: Hundreds turned away from new UNESCO site last year

The opposition says Mistaken Point won't be ready to handle the influx of new visitors now that it's been internationally recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Internal documents show little back and forth with Ottawa on fisheries fund

The federal and provincial government have traded very little correspondence over the $400 million dollar CETA fisheries fund, internal documents show.

When it comes to PC leadership, it appears the money's on Paul Davis

If a revolt against the leadership of Paul Davis is brewing from within the Newfoundland and Labrador Progressive Conservative Party, you wouldn't find evidence of it at a major party fundraiser on Monday.

Government to do 'everything' to improve negative economic outlook: Cathy Bennett

With Newfoundland and Labrador taking another knock from credit rating agencies, Finance Minister Cathy Bennett insisted Monday that government is working to improve the situation.

Liberals 'kicking a tough decision down the road,' opposition claims

Newfoundland and Labrador's opposition parties were not impressed by the Liberals' fiscal update, saying that extending the budget consultation process to the spring of 2017 is simply a delay tactic.

PCs announce opposition critic roles

Opposition leader Paul Davis has announced the critic responsibilities for the Tory caucus.

4 Tory cabinet ministers fall to defeat in Liberal rout

Three of seven incumbent PC cabinet ministers kept their seats Monday night, while four others lost to Liberal candidates.

Timeline of proposed aquaculture expansion deemed too fast

Fishers, biologists and salmon anglers advising caution when it comes to expansion of aquaculture industry in this province, writes Jane Adey.

Province confirms major aquaculture project for Placentia Bay

The provincial government has reached an agreement with a company called Grieg Newfoundland that could see this province rival British Columbia in aquaculture production.
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D2L cut N.L. staff after receiving $670K loan payment from province

An e-learning company attracted to open an office in Newfoundland and Labrador recently reduced its local workforce to four employees, months after taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from the province.

Williams Harbour votes on relocation as 2 families sue province over residency status

Two families say they could be missing out on $270,000 is Williams Harbour votes in favour of relocation, because government hasn't classified them as permanent residents.

Government selling former provincial parks to current operators

The offer applies to parklands that were de-proclaimed by the government in the 1990s, including Cochrane Pond, Middle Cove, Topsail Beach and Northern Bay Sands.

Corner Brook is confident in new water treatment plant

Corner Brook's new water treatment plant officially opened on Friday, after decades of planning on the town's part.

Towns to get HST, gas cash in new municipalities deal

Just a day before the provincial budget, the Newfoundland and Labrador government has spelled out details of how it will funnel tax revenue to the province's towns.