CBC Edmonton News September 29, 2022

The stories and news makers that matter most to you weeknights after The National



CBC Edmonton News September 29, 2022

Stories that matter and analysis to make sense of what's happening

The final lap: West of Centre talks about the last week of the UCP leadership race

The final stretch is here. We’re less than a week away from the vote that will determine the next United Conservative Party Leader — and Alberta premier. Host Kathleen Petty is joined by three conservative strategists to talk about what we’ve learned from the race and what might happen after the results are announced. Mandi Johnson is with Crestview Strategy, Melissa Caouette runs a private consulting business, and Michael Solberg is a partner at New West Public Affairs.

In Fiona's aftermath, Port aux Basques gets heartfelt support from Fort McMurray

When Fort McMurray was devastated by a wildfire six years ago, Newfoundlanders stepped up to help. Now some in the northern Alberta city with ties to Port aux Basques are wanting to repay that generosity.

Returning to routine critical for mental health of people impacted by Fiona, researcher says

As Atlantic Canadians continue to reel from the damage caused by storm Fiona, researcher and family therapist Michael Ungar discusses the emotional impact of the disaster.

Passport application, pick-up services now available in Fort McMurray, Alta.

Fort McMurray, Alta., residents are elated that the community is among four places in which Service Canada is offering 10-day passport application and pick-up services.

Lots of sniping in UCP leadership race, but so few shots fired over inflation

Division and contrast is muted when it comes to how they'd handle the rising cost of living, which polls have routinely shown is the biggest stress-causer among Albertans.



CBC Calgary News at 11 September 14, 2022

CBC Calgary News at 11 host Rob Brown brings you a roundup of the news and weather weeknights right after The National.

Five UCP leadership candidates debate in Fort McMurray forum

Candidates vying to be the next leader of the United Conservative Party shared their vision for the future of Alberta, the party and the province's oil sector at a forum during the oil sands trade show Wednesday in Fort McMurray.  



CBC Calgary News at 6, September 14, 2022

Current and comprehensive news stories from around Calgary and Southern Alberta



CBC Edmonton News September 14, 2022

Stories that matter and analysis to make sense of what's happening

Non-profits promoting women in trades at Fort McMurray oilsands trade show

Young Women in Energy and Women Building Futures are putting together a first of its kind event at the Fort McMurray Oil Sands Conference and Trade Show to promote and encourage women in oil and gas. 
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The Faces of Entrepreneurship: Celebrating the culture and contributions of Indigenous Entrepreneurs

The Faces of Entrepreneurship: Celebrating the culture and contributions of Indigenous Entrepreneurs in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo

Fort McMurray man convicted of manslaughter in 2nd trial for 2015 killing of cocaine dealer

Nigel Lafrance fought his 2018 conviction for second-degree murder up to the Supreme Court. Granted a new trial, he was convicted of manslaughter on Tuesday.

Here's a look at the 7 people running to lead the UCP — and the province

Learn a little bit about the backgrounds, policies and prominent facts about the people who want to be the next leader of the UCP and the provincial government. 

UCP leadership candidates subject to death threats during campaign

Two candidates running to lead Alberta’s United Conservative Party say they’ve received death threats over the course of the campaign. 

4 Fort McMurray kids representing Canada in Volt World Cup

Four kids from Fort McMurray are heading to Sweden next month to be the first representatives for Alberta’s Volt team at the World Cup.

Shortage of trades workers in Fort McMurray as Alberta apprenticeship enrolment drops

Enrolment in apprenticeship programs across the province has dropped over the past five years and the shortage of available trades workers is noticeable in the Fort McMurray region where oil prices are up and employers are looking to fill positions. 

Suspicious fire destroys century-old church in Fort Chipewyan, Alta.

A video posted to social media around 4 a.m. Thursday shows Allan Adam, chief of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, standing in front of the burning structure. "As you can see, this is totally engulfed," Adam says on the video. "Over 100 years of history gone up in flames ... this was a beautiful church."

Alberta's labour market shifts as pandemic spurs workers to switch careers

Many workers who migrated between sectors during the pandemic, from jobs in the hospitality industry, to potentially more lucrative and stable positions in fields such as tech and retail. It’s causing staff shortages in the sectors workers have left behind, as they struggle to offer better compensation to attract workers due to inflation and increasing input costs.

Demand for midwives still rising in Fort McMurray, Alta., 2 years after first arrived

Midwifery services in Fort McMurray, Alta., have expanded since the community's first midwife started working two years ago — but they are struggling to keep up with the growing demand.

Alberta COVID-19 deaths increase by 21, hospitalizations up 46

Alberta's total COVID-19 death toll has jumped by more than 20 and hospitalizations in the province are up by nearly 50 over the latest reporting week.

Alberta's monkeypox vaccine uptake encouraging news, says infectious disease expert

Less than two weeks since Alberta changed the criteria for pre-exposure vaccination, nearly 1,500 people have gotten vaccinated.

Alberta government paid Dr. Deena Hinshaw record cash bonus in 2021

Alberta's chief medical officer of health last year received the largest cash benefit payout of any provincial civil servant since the government began posting records in 2016.

Humans started living in Fort McMurray, Alta., area at least 11,000 years ago, scientists find

New research may have answered a long-standing mystery by pinning a rough date on the earliest known humans in Canada's oilsands region.