N.L. Hydro cuts 7 executive positions amid Nalcor integration, eliminates bonuses

The Nalcor legacy in Newfoundland and Labrador has suffered another hit, with N.L. Hydro announcing today a restructuring that will see the executive ranks slashed.

Nalcor Energy to be no more: Crown corporation being folded into N.L. Hydro

Premier Andrew Furey said the work was already underway and fulfils a promise to taxpayers to save money.

A new deal with Hydro-Québec 'best, rational way' to solve N.L. fiscal crisis, says columnist

With Newfoundland and Labrador on its financial knees, a business columnist with Quebec's largest newspaper says Hydro-Québec should pounce in order to secure a favourable deal for Labrador hydro assets.

How the pandemic forced Nalcor to pay nearly $1M for a Muskrat Falls contractor

Nalcor paid $865,000 last year for the services of a generation startup manager at Muskrat Falls who remained at the site for most of 2020.


Here are the numbers some top-level Nalcor contractors did not want you to see

Seven contractors leading the effort to complete Muskrat Falls, and who had been fighting efforts to have their 2019 earnings revealed through access-to-information laws, have withdrawn their objections.

Muskrat Falls contractors fighting release of compensation information

Seven senior contractors working on the Muskrat Falls project are fighting a request to Nalcor Energy to have their 2019 compensation data made public.

Researcher raises Muskrat methylmercury alarm, but Nalcor contractor says levels safe

A U.S. researcher is raising the alarm about methylmercury levels in Labrador, but a contractor monitoring the effects of Muskrat Falls says there's no need to worry.

Surge in oil production helps Nalcor earn profit, though year-to-date losses continue

A rise in oil production, driven by success at the Hibernia platform, has helped Nalcor record a small profit in its third quarter, though year-to-date losses continue.

Transformer failure, fire caused oil spill at Churchill Falls switchyard, says Nalcor

A transformer failure and fire at the Nalcor Energy Churchill Falls switchyard resulted in an oil spill Thursday night.

Equinor confirms new oil discoveries in Flemish Pass Basin

The worst-kept secret in Newfoundland and Labrador's oil industry has been confirmed: an exploration drilling campaign in the Flemish Pass Basin has resulted in new discoveries.

Pandemic adds $400M to Muskrat project costs, full power a further 10 months behind

Payments of $360 million on the bonds issued to finance the project are now due to be funded, long before the controversial project begins generating revenue.

Nalcor assets take a beating from pandemic-fuelled oil collapse

Nalcor Energy has been hit hard by a collapse in the oil sector, resulting in a big writedown in the value of its oil and gas investments.

Barring any more pandemic disruptions, Muskrat Falls should be completed a year from now

Nalcor CEO Stan Marshall says the controversial energy megaproject will be finished a year from now, its completion pushed back by the COVID-19 outbreak.

N.L. Liberal leadership campaign kicks off — again

The two contenders to become the next premier each spoke on Monday, resuming their election efforts months after the campaign was suspended in late March.

Astaldi issued maximum fine, found guilty of 'professional incompetence' for Muskrat Falls collapse

The main contractor for the Muskrat Falls powerhouse was carrying out structural engineering without a permit when a wooden formwork collapsed in May 2016 during a massive concrete pour.

Muskrat Falls costs could climb by $400 million as construction gets back on track

Nalcor Energy says the construction and commissioning of its hydroelectric megaproject in Labrador, halted by COVID-19, will resume Saturday.

With Muskrat work halted, Nalcor says it can't predict when megaproject will be completed

Companies have been temporarily freed from their contractual obligations because of the pandemic.

With more Muskrat Falls delays, Nalcor CEO says he's staying for a few extra months

There's more uncertainty over efforts to commission the Muskrat Falls project, and that means Stan Marshall will remain at the helm for a little longer.
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Nalcor says it hired $350K consultant after meeting with premier's chief of staff

Nalcor Energy says the Newfoundland and Labrador government directed its oil and gas spinoff to foot the six-figure bill for a newly hired consultant.

Low number of outages during 2020 blizzard thanks to infrastructure upgrades, says power watchdog

Power outages during Snowmaggedon weren't nearly as bad as DarkNL, and Ron Penney says that's thanks to upgrades to transmission lines and the Holyrood plant.

Nalcor announces another setback for Muskrat Falls transmission software

Instead of final delivery by June, Nalcor now says only that the software will be ready some time this year.

Muskrat Falls power this winter? Nalcor CEO updates on project's software struggles

If all goes as planned, the biggest technical challenge facing the Muskrat Falls project could be conquered by early next year, and closely followed by the first delivery of power from Muskrat Falls to Newfoundland.

Bull Arm site gets lease agreement for Transocean Barents work

The Bull Arm fabrication site has signed a lease agreement to bring offshore rig Transocean Barents to the site for upgrade work.

Near miss with electrified cable prompted Muskrat Falls powerhouse stoppage

The stop-work orders issued for parts of the powerhouse at the Muskrat Falls site came following an incident that narrowly avoided accidental contact with an electrified cable.

Stop-work orders issued to Muskrat Falls powerhouse contractors

Nalcor Energy said Thursday that the Crown corporation initiated a "safety stand down" at the hydroelectric project.