TIMELINE | Death of Oscar Bartholomew in Grenada

Toronto resident Oscar Bartholomew died after an alleged beating by police in Grenada. Here's a look at events prior to and after his death.
Oscar Bartholomew, seen in this undated photo, died Dec. 27 in Grenada. Five police officers face manslaughter charges. (Courtesy Bartholomew family)

Toronto resident Oscar Bartholomew returned to the Caribbean island where he was born, Grenada, to celebrate the 2011 Christmas holidays with his family and friends. The 39-year-old died after an alleged beating by police.

Here's a look at events prior to and after his death.

Dec. 23: Bartholomew and his wife, Dolette, arrive in Grenada to visit family for the Christmas holidays.

Dec. 26: Bartholomew, his wife and a cousin stop at a police station in the town of St. David's, in the southwestern part of the island. A relative says he stopped so his wife could use the restroom. His family has accused members of the Royal Grenada Police Force of beating him into a coma after he allegedly mistook a plainclothes female officer at the station for an old friend and lifted her off the ground in a bear hug. Police said Bartholomew was arrested after assaulting an officer. Bartholomew was imprisoned in a station cell at about 3 p.m. or shortly thereafter, according to a Dec. 31 post mortem report.

Dec. 27: Bartholomew is taken unconscious from the cell and transported by ambulance to St. George's Hospital, according to the Dec. 31 post mortem report. He dies shortly after arriving at the hospital. His death is certified at about 8:15 a.m. by doctors on duty.

Dec. 28: Grenada Prime Minister Tillman Thomas says there will be a full investigation into Bartholomew's death.

Dec. 29: Five Royal Grenada Police officers are detained in connection with Bartholomew's death.

Dec. 31: Two police officers — Kenton Hazzard and Wendell Sylvester — are charged with manslaughter in connection with Bartholomew's death. A second autopsy is conducted. It concludes that Bartholomew "died from blunt trauma to the skull," had multiple injuries to his body and that "the cause of death is unnatural." An earlier state autopsy report came to similar but less detailed conclusions.

Jan. 1: Three more officers — Edward Gibson, Shaun Ganness and Ruddy Felix — are charged with manslaughter in connection with Bartholomew's death.

Jan. 3: The five police officers charged with manslaughter in Bartholomew's death make their first court appearances in St. George's and are remanded in custody. The matter is moved to St. David's, where the alleged incident occurred.

Jan. 6: The five officers charged in Bartholomew's death are granted bail during a court appearance in St. David's. They are ordered to surrender their passports, report daily to authorities and avoid visiting the police station where they worked. They must also hand over documents related to their properties.

With files from The Canadian Press