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Unicycling Thunder Bay teen wants to get more people on one wheel

Max Fairhust is trying to get more people into unicycling by running weekly lessons in Thunder Bay, Ont.

17-year-old Max Fairhurst has started weekly lessons to teach others how to ride the unicycle

Max Fairhurst isn't much into bicycling. In fact, the 17-year-old from Thunder Bay, Ont. says he can barely stay balanced on two wheels. 

He prefers to ride his unicycle. And he wants you to ride one too. 

The teen is trying to get more people in his hometown to embrace the unusual sport by running weekly unicycle lessons out of a church gymnasium. 

"I really like the sport, and I'd like everyone else to have the opportunity to try something different," he said. "I really enjoy teaching as well as riding."  

And Fairhust does much more than just ride. He can navigate obstacle courses, rumble over rough wilderness terrain, and even bounce into the air while perched on a unicycle. 
Max Fairhurst says it takes a lot of perseverance to learn to ride the unicycle. (Amy Hadley)

He's been to the world unicycling championship, and at a national competition, he took home a gold medal for cross-country MUni (or mountain) unicycling – his specialty. 

In the summer, he simply loves to cruise the city streets. 

"You get a lot of stares," he said. "And always the dumb comments like 'where's your second wheel?'" 

But Fairhurst shrugs off the teasing.

"It's all in good fun," he said.  

Unicycling a family affair

While he may be the most accomplished rider in his family, Max isn't the only Fairhurst on one wheel. 

His twin brother also rides. 

And between the two of them, they've given their father, Steve Fairhurst, a few scares. 

"When they had their course up on top of the garage, I was getting a little worried there," he said, adding that the boys also liked to ride their unicycles while jumping on a trampoline.

"They broke the trampoline," he said. 

A few years ago, Steve Fairhurst also learned to ride the unicycle, and he joins his sons at the weekly lessons at The Redwood Park Church in Thunder Bay.

Anyone interested in the lessons can find out more though the Thunder Bay Unicycling Club Facebook page. 

Max Fairhurst, Andrew Webb and Evan Fairhurst of Thunder Bay, Ont. show off their unicycling skills. (Thunder Bay Unicycle Club)


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