Thunder Bay

U18 Baseball World Cup in Thunder Bay seeks bilingual volunteers

The event needs people who can help interpret for teams visiting from non-English-speaking countries, such as Japan and Cuba. It's also looking to fill other volunteer jobs.

It's looking for interpreters, as well as a range of other volunteer help

Warren Philp is the executive director of the Thunder Bay International Baseball Association. He made a pitch for volunteers for the U18 Baseball World Cub Thursday at the Intercity Shopping Centre. (Heather Kitching/CBC)

Organizers of the U18 Baseball World Cup, which is taking place in Thunder Bay, Ont., next month, are looking for volunteers who speak more than one language.

They need people who speak Korean, Japanese, Mandarin or Spanish to help serve as interpreters for teams visiting from other countries, said Warren Philp, the executive director of the Thunder Bay International Baseball Association.

They also need French speakers, he said. 

"At Port Arthur Stadium for instance we need a person to sit alongside our English PA announcer—one, two or three of those—to communicate in our second official language the action that's happening on the field," he added.

In addition to bilingual hosts and public address announcers, the event needs ushers, bat boys, and ball chasers, Philp said. 

It also needs people to work in field maintenance and help keep venues clean.

Prior to the event, it needs volunteers to paint bleachers, repair fencing, erect batting cages and perform other duties to get the venues ready for the tournament, Philp added. 

Organizers are holding a volunteer fair at the Intercity Shopping Centre, which wraps up Friday.

They've so far registered more than 300 volunteers, Philp said; their goal is 400 to 500.

Cheryl Smith volunteered as a ticket-seller the last time Thunder Bay hosted the U18 Baseball World Cup and is back to volunteer again, she said.  

"It was a lot of fun, because you get to meet a lot of people, and you get to talk to them about the things in Thunder Bay if they were from out of town especially," Smith said of her previous experience.   

"We just love watching baseball," she added.  

The U18 Baseball World Cup takes place Sept. 1 to 10.