Thunder Bay

ThunderCon finds new home

Thunder Bay's popular fan convention has found a new home.

Annual Thunder Bay fan fest moving to CLE grounds

This year's ThunderCon fan convention will take place at Thunder Bay's CLE grounds in September, organizers said. (ThunderCon/Facebook)

Thunder Bay's popular fan convention has found a new home.

ThunderCon is moving to the CLE grounds for its 2019 installment, the event's media manager Heather Dickson said Wednesday.

"On the fifth year, we're deciding to kind of switch it up a little bit," Dickson said. "We have clearly outgrown our previous space."

ThunderCon's former home was the Valhalla Inn.

"It was lovely, very luxurious, wonderful to have everything under one roof," Dickson said. "But we are growing too fast and too big to keep staying there."

Dickson said current plans involving running ThunderCon out of the CLE's Heritage and Coliseum buildings. Some outdoor events will also take place.

"Everybody's super excited to have it more downtown, more central, very accessible, and with lots of outdoor space, lots of parking," she said. "We're kind of really excited to see what's going to happen here."

This year's ThunderCon will take place on September 21 and 22, 2019.

Dickson said guests will be announced over the coming months.