Thunder Bay

The maker of Darth Vader's iconic mask, coming to Thunder Bay, Ont.

The man who made Darth Vader's mask is coming to Thunder Bay, Ont.

Brian Muir has worked on 70 films, including Alien, the Harry Potter series, and Guardians of the Galaxy

Brian Muir, who sculpted the original Darth Vader helmet and armour, poses with Vader and some clone troopers during at a convention. Muir will be appearing at this year's ThunderCon in Thunder Bay, organizers announced Thursday. (

The man who made Darth Vader's mask is coming to Thunder Bay, Ont.

Brian Muir, a sculptor and artist who has worked on some of the most iconic sets, costumes and props in film history, will be appearing at this year's ThunderCon, organizers said Thursday.

Muir is perhaps best known for sculpting the original Darth Vader mask and armour from designs by Ralph McQuarrie. It wasn't his only contribution to the Star Wars series, however: Muir also sculpted the stormtrooper armour, and worked on the C-3PO suit.

Heather Dickson, ThunderCon's media manager, said Muir approached the event's organizers about taking part this year.

"He had heard that we had got [comic book writer and artist] Jim Starlin just a couple of weeks back," she said. "He had gone on our website and looked at what we had done last year, and the way that we really focus on cosplay and props, and just celebrating the look of pop culture and movies and stuff, and he thought it was something he really wanted to support."

"I almost hit the floor when I got his email," Dickson said. "It was really sweet to actually be contacted by somebody of his level."

Muir has had a long career in the film industry. In addition to Star Wars, his filmography includes working on the Ark of the Covenant from Raiders of the Lost Ark, and co-creating the Space Jockey from Alien.

He's also worked on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, several James Bond films, the Harry Potter series, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Princess Bride, Sleepy Hollow, and the Dark Crystal.

Muir has also written two autobiographical books — In the Shadow of Vader, and Beyond the Shadow.

"He'll be doing autographing, obviously, several panels," Dickson said, adding that organizers hope Muir will run a workshop at ThunderCon, as well. Details of his appearance are still being worked out, she said.

Voice actor Vic Mignogna has also been confirmed as a guest at this year's ThunderCon, and Dickson said more guest announcements will be coming soon.

This year's ThunderCon is scheduled for October 27-28 at the Valhalla Inn.