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Thunder Bay singer songwriter releases Christmas song recorded in Nashville during pandemic

Megan Nadin left Thunder Bay, Ont. for Nashville, Tenn., last January, to start a new chapter in her career but then the pandemic hit.

Megan Nadin thinks "I'll be Home for Christmas" will have even more meaning to people in 2020

Megan Nadin moved to Nashville Tenn. from Thunder Bay, Ont., in January, 2020, just weeks before the pandemic hit. (photo: Megan Nadin/Facebook)

When Megan Nadin left Thunder Bay, Ont. for Nashville, Tenn., last January, she was very excited.

For the Thunder Bay singer/songwriter, this move was going to be the start of a new chapter in her career, where she could focus on her writing and recording, while working with some of the best producers in the business.

Nadin had a couple of weeks to get settled, and enjoy the rich musical landscape for with the Music City is famous.

Then, the pandemic hit.

"I got there just before it got crazy," said Nadin. "When it all first started, we just all kept away from each other for the first few weeks just to make sure we were all good."

Nadin said just about everything music related initially shut down in Nashville, including the studios. However, over time, she began to work with a small group of people, and started to do some recording.

"I'm really lucky that the people I work with are very safe," said Nadin. "I didn't anticipate having to be locked down for so much of the time that I was down there. And it kind of changed how things I think would have played out, but I'm not disappointed that they played out as they did."

In September of 2020, Nadin released a group of seven songs called This Was Then. The songs were mostly ones she had in her pocket when she came to Nashville, and showcased both her powerful vocal style and writing chops.

(photo: Megan Nadin/ facebook )

Nadin said she is now focused on writing all new material.

"I'm writing a lot with a man named Keith Thomas," she said. "He has worked with the likes of Whitney Houston and Selena, and Barbra it's really, it's been a blast working with him."

Nadin has just released a Christmas single, and the subject of the song is a timely one, since she has just returned to her hometown for the first time since January.

"I decided to do 'I'll Be Home for Christmas'," said Nadin. "I was just thinking about what song might best fit and it felt like the right one because, I've been away for so long and I'm home for the holidays. And I think the song has a little bit of an extra special meaning this year. So many people have been kept from their family and friends during the course of 2020 and the holiday season."

While Nadin is home, she has not yet been able to spend much quality time with her family or friends. When CBC spoke to her, she was in the early part of a two week quarantine.

"(My parents) met me at the airport and stayed extremely far away from me," she said."My mom was crying from a distance and it was really hard not to be able to hug them. That was really weird. But you know what? We're just trying to do our best, all of us, just to keep everyone safe, especially over the course of the holidays. I'm definitely excited to be back and I cannot wait till I can give them both a hug."