Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay's worst accident locations include parking lots

The number one accident location in the city isn't on the street, according to Thunder Bay Police traffic sergeant Glenn Porter.

Over one-third of reported collisions happen in parking lots

CBC News has obtained new data showing the intersections where most traffic accidents happen in Thunder Bay. 

Golf Links Road and Harbour Expressway still tops the list, according to Thunder Bay Police statistics for January through September 2014.

But traffic sergeant Glenn Porter told CBC the number one accident location in the city isn't on the street.

"When you consider that 33.7 per cent of all of our collision totals represents private parking lots — private property — that's a significant number of collisions," Porter said.

He added, the majority of those parking lots belong to retail stores. 

"My kids are always teasing me about the fact that I don't try to park as close to the store door as possible. I'm looking for a place that I know is going to be least likely to have my vehicle - my parked vehicle - involved in a hit and run," Porter said.

Statistics for accidents in specific lots have not been released.

Porter said drivers need to give each other space in parking lots — and be good Samaritans if they spot a hit and run.

"Jot down the information, so that you can provide that to the poor individual who's inside the store and has no way of knowing who hit their vehicle," he said.

Top 20 high-collision intersections (Jan. 1 - Sept. 30, 2014)

Rank Location Incidents
1 Golf Links Road and Harbour Expressway 17
2 Arthur Street West and Mountdale Avenue 14
3 Arthur Street West and James Street South 13
4 Victoria Avenue East and Waterloo Street North 11
5 Central Avenue and Memorial Avenue 10
5 Harbour Expressway and Memorial Avenue 10
5 Arthur Street East and Franklin Street South 10
6 High Street North and Red River Road 9
6 Arthur Street East and May Street South 9
6 Fort William Road and Harbour Expressway 9
7 High Street South and Memorial Avenue 8
7 Dawson Road and East Avenue 8
7 Dawson Road and Strand Avenue 8
7 John Street and Junot Avenue South 8
7 Balmoral Street and Harbour Expressway 8
8 Balmoral Street and Oliver Road 7
8 Central Avenue and Golf Links Road 7
8 John Street and Memorial Avenue 7
8 Cumberland Street North and River Street 7
9 High Street South and Oliver Road 6


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