Thunder Bay

Full slate of northwestern Ontario candidates as federal election writ is issued

Northwestern Ontario's slate of candidates is set as the 2019 federal election campaign officially kicks off on Wednesday.

All major parties represented in the region

Canadians will go to the polls on Oct. 21. (Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press)

Northwestern Ontario's slate of candidates is set as the 2019 federal election campaign officially kicks off, following Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's request Wednesday that Gov. Gen. Julie Payette dissolve Parliament.

When voters in the northwest head to the polls on Oct. 21, they will be able to select from candidates representing all major political parties.

Here is the list of candidates in the region:

Thunder Bay—Rainy River

  • Marcus Powlowski, Liberal Party
  • Yuk-Sem Won, NDP
  • Linda Rydholm, Conservative Party
  • Amanda Moddejonge, Green Party
  • Andrew Hartnell, People's Party of Canada

The seat  was held by Liberal Don Rusnak, who has decided not to seek re-election.

Thunder Bay—Superior North

  • Patty Hajdu, Liberal Party (incumbent)
  • Frank Pullia, Conservative Party
  • Anna Betty Achneepineskum, NDP
  • Bruce Hyer, Green Party
  • Youssef Khanjari, People's Party of Canada
  • Alex Vodden, Libertarian Party


  • Bob Nault, Liberal Party (incumbent)
  • Rudy Turtle, NDP
  • Eric Melillo, Conservative Party
  • Kirsi Ralko, Green Party


  • Carol R. Hughes, NDP (incumbent)
  • Heather Wilson, Liberal Party
  • Dave Williamson, Conservative Party
  • David DeLisle, People's Party of Canada
  • Le Marquis de Marmalade, Rhinoceros Party

Canadians will cast their ballots on Oct. 21.