Show us your ice fishing photos

Send us two of your favourite ice fishing photos by Thursday, Jan 25 for a chance to win a spinning reel and rob. Submissions can be sent to our CBC Thunder Bay facebook, or CBCTbay twitter, or email at

Send us two ice fishing photos for a chance to win a fishing rod

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      As temperatures in northwestern Ontario warm up to more seasonal values, anglers in Thunder Bay, Ont. can finally head out to some frozen waters for some much anticipated ice fishing.

      With that in mind, CBC's Outdoor Columnist Gord Ellis asked our Superior Morning radio listeners on Thursday, Jan 11 to send us two of your favourite ice fishing photos for a chance to win a spinning rod and reel.

      The two week contest runs until Thursday, Jan 26 with Superior Morning show host Lisa Laco and Gord Ellis choosing their favourite photos and announcing the winner on air that morning between 6 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.

      During the first week of the contest, Lisa and Gord received hundreds of submissions, with dozens more pouring in every day.

      Photos can be sent to our CBC Thunder Bay facebookCBCTbay twitter, or email at