Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay golfers enjoying extended warm weather

The unseasonably warm weather that's extended well into November this year has made a very long season for local golfers.

Owner of Dragon Hills course says crews still mowing grass in November


The unseasonably warm weather that's extended well into November this year has made for a very long season for local golfers.

Dragon Hills Golf Course has seen its business continue to boom through the first two weeks of the month, said Mike Komar, the owner of the privately-run course.

The balmy temperatures golfers have been enjoying are quite different than seasonal norms this time of year, he said.

"Years past, it was always cold. one, two, three, four or five above," he said, adding that there's usually snow on the course as well."

"This year it has been a lot warmer. The greens are really soft which is kind of weird because we have only really had three or four days of frost."

'We are still cutting grass if you can believe that'

That's meant conditions on the course are exceptionally good this year, Komar said, meaning he and his staff still have to keep up with maintenance.

"[The course has] been the best it has been in probably three or four years," he said, adding that the influx of golfers this months has helped to offset a drop in business during a wet October.

"The greens are superb. The fair ways. I mean we are still cutting grass if you can believe that."

But despite the warm start to November — which weather experts have said could end up leading to a new record — it's not the most balmy conditions Komar said he's seen.  He said that distinction goes to the year he built the course, back in 2001, when crews were still laying sod down in mid-December.

With snow in the forecast for Thunder Bay, Komar said he's closing the course on Saturday, but added that he will consider re-opening Dragon Hills if November temperatures go up again.

Thunder Bay's two city-run courses, Chapples and Strathcona, already closed up earlier this fall.


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