Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay festivals earn provincial awards

Two Thunder Bay festivals have earned some provincial recognition.

Live on the Waterfront, Teddy Bears Picnic recognized by Festivals and Events Ontario

Thunder Bay's Live on the Waterfront event, which brings live music, like Hillsburn (pictured in summer 2018) to Marina Park in the summer, has been recognized with three awards from Festivals and Events Ontario. (Cathy Alex/CBC)

Two Thunder Bay festivals earned provincial recognition, when Festivals and Events Ontario handed out four awards to the city during its annual ceremony Thursday.

Three of the awards went to Live on the Waterfront, which was recognized for best promotional campaign and sponsor of the year, the latter shared by the City of Thunder Bay and event sponsor Ontario Power Generation.

Live on the Waterfront was also named one of Ontario's top 100 festivals, said Ash Young, the city's cultural development and events supervisor.

'It feels great to be recognized'

"Live on the Waterfront is very successful now," Young said. "It's bringing the community together, and we're showcasing a lot of diverse genres and acts, and bringing different people down each week."

The fourth award went to the Teddy Bears Picnic, which was also named one of Ontario's top 100 festivals.

Young said every small festival to large-scale events such as the Ottawa Jazz Festival or the Toronto International Film Festival is eligible for the awards.

"It feels great to be recognized this way," Young said. "It shows that our events team, we're doing a lot of good work."

"It just feels good for us to be able to create moments in the community, memories, bring people together. Have all the non-profit groups coming to our events, and then benefiting from all the people we can bring down."

Young said an announcement about this year's Live on the Waterfront lineup should be coming later in March.