Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay e-waste drop off a success say organizers

OLG Casino Thunder Bay and EcoSuperior held an-waste recycling event on Saturday, which organizers say was a "huge success."

Electronics and automobile tires were collected in Thunder Bay, Ont., on Saturday

Two OLG Casino Thunder Bay employees receive boxes of e-waste during the May 7, 2016 e-waste collection event.

An e-waste recycling event on Saturday in Thunder Bay was a "huge success," according to organizers with the OLG Casino Thunder Bay and EcoSuperior.

Organizers say the event brought in over 11,000 kilograms of electronic waste that otherwise could have found its way into local landfills.

11,172 kilograms of e-waste — like defective and obsolete computers and other electronic equipment — was collected, eclipsing last year's total of 4,082 kilograms. In addition to the e-waste, 585 tires were dropped off for disposal, more than doubling last year's count of 224.

In total, EcoSuperior's environmental program netted $2,677, the money coming from the Ontario Electronic Stewardship program.

Although the amount collected was impressive, organizers said in a press release that the program's biggest success was diverting potentially toxic waste from local landfills.