Another snow day expected Sunday in northwestern Ontario

The snow that blanketed Thunder Bay and the rest of northwestern Ontario on Friday is expected to taper off sometime in the afternoon, but return again on the weekend.

Another storm system is expected to bring 15+ centimetres of snow starting Saturday afternoon

The storm system that brought approx 10-15 centimetres of snow to Thunder Bay on Friday will tamper off by the afternoon, but another system is expected to bring more snow on Saturday and into Sunday. (Submitted by Tommy Mtl Gales)

The snow that blanketed Thunder Bay and the rest of northwestern Ontario is expected to taper off sometime during the afternoon on Friday, Feb. 23 but return again on the weekend.

According to Environment Canada warning preparedness meteorologist, Geoff Coulson, the system currently seems to be moving out of the northwestern Ontario region with some flurries expected to linger until late Friday afternoon.

"The 10 to 15 centimetres that we've received from this event so far [is] likely what we are going to be dealing with and then we will be just getting into cloudy conditions later on this afternoon," Coulson explained to CBC News on Friday.

He said despite the warm and sunny weather the area experienced earlier this week, there is another storm system heading toward the region for late Saturday into Sunday.

"This one has the potential to give a little bit more snow than what we just got," Coulson said, "this one could be 15 plus centimetres by the time the snow ends [on] Sunday afternoon."

He said after Sunday temperatures should be milder than normal for the last week of February before winter conditions return once again for March.

"Certainly March in northern Ontario and the northwest is very much a winter month," said Coulson, adding that further into the month temperatures are likely to drop.