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Thunder Bay's lifestyle key to keeping young people at home, says lawyer

Rosa Carlino's job as a lawyer could have taken her to any big city in Canada, but her family, and the lifestyle of northwestern Ontario, drew her back to Thunder Bay.

'You can have a successful and thriving career but still have time to ... enjoy nature and enjoy your family'

Rosa Carlino, 30, is involved in a long list of community organizations in Thunder Bay, Ont. (Alan Dickson)

Rosa Carlino's credentials are the kind that could have taken her to any big city in Canada. But her family, and the lifestyle in northwestern Ontario, drew her to Thunder Bay. 

"It's a place where you can have a successful and thriving career but still have time to go home and enjoy nature, and enjoy your family and enjoy all the benefits of Thunder Bay," she said. 

Carlino, 30, is originally from the small town of Schreiber, in northwestern Ontario. 

She now practices real estate, corporate and commercial, and wills and estates law in Thunder Bay. 

Outside of her working hours, Carlino is also involved in a dizzying number of community organizations. 

She sits on the boards of Camp Quality Northwestern Ontario, the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce, the Thunder Bay Law Association, and the Thunder Bay Real Estate Association, and is a member of several other community organizations. 

It's important for younger residents to be engaged in the community, and to offer their perspectives to organizations that play a role in shaping the city, she said. 

"It's their city too," she said, "and it's their future." 

Carlino said that in recent years she's noticed a growing number of restaurants, local shops and art installations, which are also enriching the city. 

It's the city's quality of life that will keep those young professionals here, she said. 

This week CBC Thunder Bay, and SHIFT, Thunder Bay's Young Professionals Network, are partnering to profile young professionals in the city. Tune into Superior Morning on CBC Radio Thunder Bay all week to meet some of the city's young leaders.