Thunder Bay

NOHFC funds to boost North Shore tourism

Tourism in two North Shore communities is getting a boost with help the province.

$3.5 million going to attractions in Terrace Bay, Schreiber

Provincial funding is helping the North Shore communities of Terrace Bay and Schreiber boost their tourism sectors.

Tourism in two North Shore communities is getting a boost with help the province.

On Tuesday, the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) announced about $3.6 million in funding, which will be used to enhance tourism in Schreiber and Terrace Bay.

Just over $2.1 million of the funding will go to Schreiber; the focus of the funding is the construction of a new, 1,360-square-foot North Shore Express Discovery Centre.

Museum, visitor centre

According to an NOHFC media release, the centre will include a museum and visitor centre highlighting the town's historical ties to the railway industry.

Some of the money will also go to new tourism signage, as well as various downtown revitalization projects, including new benches and a new gazebo.

"Our revitalization project is an essential component of Schreiber's tourism strategy and aligns with other attractions in our beautiful Lake Superior North Shore region," Schreiber mayor Mark Figliomeni said in a statement. "The additional support from the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund will allow us to keep a safe supply of fresh treated drinking water for our residents."

Waterfront staging area

Another $1.5 million will go to help Terrace Bay create a waterfront staging area, which will promote access to Lake Superior, Slate Islands Provincial Park, and the Trans-Canada Water Trail, the NOHFC said.

The project includes expansion of the parking and boat launch areas, and the construction of a near year-round beach pavilion, gazebo, sculptures and a boardwalk.

"These enhancements will increase tourism and spending in the local community, as well as improve the attraction potential of the area," said Terrace Bay Mayor Jody Davis. "We are confident that this will further strengthen our city's waterfront as a must-see destination for tourists and residents in the Northwest."

Additional funding of up to $1.03 million will go toward Schreiber's Clearwell project, which "will ensure that all residents of Schreiber will have access to safe drinking water," the NOHFC said.