Thunder Bay

Getting ready for the Hip on Saturday?

As we count the days until the Tragically Hip concert being broadcast live at the waterfront, have a look at a couple of items we’ve pulled in from the archives.

The waterfront plays host to a live broadcast of the Hip's Man Machine Poem tour

The Tragically Hip will be performing on Saturday in their hometown of Kingston, but we'll be broadcasting it live at the Waterfront.

As we count the days until the Tragically Hip concert will be broadcast live at Thunder Bay's waterfront, have a look at a couple of items we've pulled in from the archives.

We found an interview from 1999, when CBC reporter Laurie Brown sat down with hip frontman Gord Downie. Seventeen years have passed, and Gord still has that youthful glint in his eye. Try not to get nostalgic while watching it.

We've also got an interesting — meaning great and obscure — compilation of Hip covers that CBC Radio 2 reporter Holly Gordon put together. Scroll through and listen.

Frontman of the Tragically Hip, Gord Downie, leads the band through a concert in Vancouver, Sunday, July, 24, 2016. (Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press)

Lastly, if you haven't already, click on the poll and tell us which Hip song best describes Thunder Bay. Looking for a Place to Happen is currently in the lead.

And don't forget to join us at the waterfront this Saturday, Aug. 20, for the live broadcast of the Hip's Man Machine Poem finale! It promises to be an historic event.

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