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Ontario patients can now access LifeLabs tests online

LifeLabs is promising a safe and secure service for patients, including those in Thunder Bay, who want online access to the results of their lab tests.

As soon as results are ready from the lab, they are posted online

LifeLabs says in a recent news release that it first piloted My Results in December 2014 in a few communities across Ontario. The feedback from interviews and surveys conducted with My Results patients and healthcare provider participants demonstrates that patients feel more informed and better prepared for discussions with their health care providers when they have access to their lab results. (Associated Press)
Next time you go for a blood test, you might not have to wait to see your doctor, to see the results. Sue Paish is the head of LifeLabs and talks about a new service, that allows patients to access their own test results online.
LifeLabs is promising a safe and secure service for patients, including those in Thunder Bay, who want online access to the results of their lab tests.

This week the company launched its new My Results service in Ontario. It allows patients to access the results of most lab tests, such as blood tests, within one or two days.

LifeLabs CEO Sue Paish said the service is especially important for patients with chronic conditions.

"My Results is particularly helpful to people who have diseases such as diabetes, where there is a regular testing regime," she said.

The online site will be protected by firewalls, and other security measures.

Paish said security and privacy are always top of mind for the company, and patients will need an OHIP number, a number from their lab visit, a password and a valid email to access their online results.

"Privacy is something that we guard very, very carefully."

The data online is intended to supplement physician advice, Paish noted. It will allow patients to track their results, and to use the information to make decisions with their healthcare providers.

"For example, on blood sugar you'll see that last week you were here, and this week you are there, and can make decisions with their health care provider around changes to various parts of their life or lifestyle to make sure they stay within the normal range," she said.

LifeLabs operates 3 patient service centres and a lab in Thunder Bay. It also has locations in Kenora, Fort Frances, and Atikokan.


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