Thunder Bay

Province announces Thunder Bay's first retail cannabis location

The province has announced the location of Thunder Bay's first cannabis retail store.

The retail cannabis store will be located near the Real Canadian Superstore on the Harbour Expressway

The first cannabis retail store in Thunder Bay, Ont. will be in the same plaza as the Real Canadian Superstore on Harbour Expressway. The new location will be right beside the First Choice Hair Cutters store. (Cathy Alex / CBC)

Residents in Thunder Bay, Ont. now know the planned location for the first cannabis retail store in the city.

The province announced the first four locations on Wednesday, with the Thunder Bay store expected to be located south of the parking lot of the Real Canadian Superstore at 570 Harbour Expressway. It's in a multi-store complex that already houses an A&W and a First Choice Haircutters.

According to the province's website, every cannabis retail store will have a lobby area where individuals will be checked for identification before allowing to enter the main store.

Input from municipalities, proposed federal regulatory requirements and tips from other jurisdictions are being considered when designing the cannabis retail stores, according to Wednesday's announcement.

Officials from Thunder Bay have previously suggested that retail cannabis stores should not be near any waterways or areas where students frequently gather.

The other locations announced on Wednesday, included stores in Toronto, Guelph and Kingston. The province said more locations are expected to be announced over the next coming months.