Thunder Bay logo designer creates clothing inspired by the north

Nathan Woods manufactures most of his Northies clothing items in Canada.

Nathan Woods manufactures most of his Northies clothing items in Canada

One of Northies' signature designs features a bear outline with the brand name written inside. (

A logo designer from Thunder Bay, Ont., is taking another step forward with his northern-inspired clothing line:  a booth at the Thunder Bay Country Market.

Nathan Woods launched Northies a year ago as an outlet for his artwork.

He grew convinced he was onto something when a new design released before Christmas proved popular with people well beyond Woods' own social circle.

"When you see someone enjoying something you created — especially a stranger, someone you don't know — I guess there's something I just really love about that," he said.
The Northies axe and toque logo is another signature design. (

"You create art, and someone enjoys that art, it just fuels you to want to make more of it."

Northies' signature designs include a sweatshirt featuring the outline of a bear with the word "Northies" inside it and a circular logo featuring a pair of axes and a toque arranged similarly to a skull and cross bones.

The designs are inspired by life in the north, Woods said.

"I've always felt like a pretty proud Canadian," he said. "Obviously there's always things your not thrilled [with] about your own country, but ... I think we have a lot of great Canadian values here, and I'm hoping to bring that to Northies as well."
Nathan Woods established Northies as an outlet for his logo art. (

Woods said he does his best to manufacture Northies clothes in Canada. "If I'm representing the north why am I making pieces in a foreign country?"

Woods's approach to growing his company has been slow and steady, he said, so that it wouldn't overwhelm him while he continued to work full-time and raise a family.

His next step, he added, is to work on branding and creating online content to continue promoting his line.