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Logan Turner is a graduate journalism student at the University of British Columbia. Born in Thunder Bay, Ont., Logan is passionate about reporting on health and environmental stories in rural, remote communities.

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Behind the scenes, Thunder Bay group works to coordinate COVID-19 testing strategy so no one gets left behind

When the province announced it was going to move towards appointment-based COVID-19 testing only beginning October 6, concern broke out immediately. "People who don't have phones need the same access to testing and treatment in a timely and dignified manner," said Jennfier Lawrance, director of health services for NorWest Community Health Centres.

Almost 2600 Thunder Bay tenants will get to pay lower rent in 2021

Some Thunder Bay tenants have been receiving notices from city staff in recent weeks to give them a little bit of good news: they are about to see a reduction in their monthly rent starting January 2021.

Could free public transit be in Thunder Bay's future? That's what a local anti-poverty group is calling for

Poverty Free Thunder Bay released the results of a public survey in front of Thunder Bay's City Hall and said their results support their recommendation that city council adopt a fare-free transit model.
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As Ontario eyes correctional expansions in the north, skepticism, alternatives to incarceration emerge

Ontario's Solicitor General Sylvia Jones said she was excited about the province's announcement on Monday that it would invest in expansions to the Thunder Bay Correctional Centre and the Kenora Jail. But aside from a tentative timeline, details about the new spaces were scarce.

Valley Central elementary school hits the outdoors to teach during the era of COVID-19

It was very much an active work site when I arrived to "The Woods" one afternoon in September. Trees were being felled and carried out to the parking lot. The sound of saws and laughter and merry workers filled the air. But these workers weren't being paid for their efforts.

Two long-term water advisories lifted in Ontario First Nations as feds approach 2021 deadline

Residents of Grassy Narrows and Wauzhushk Onigum First Nations, both located in northwestern Ontario, are finally able to drink from their taps as they celebrated lifting long-term boil water advisories this week.

After interim licenses, First Nations group calls for long-term license to manage forest in traditional lands

A First Nations-owned resource management group in northwestern Ontario is calling on the provincial government to grant them a long-term license to manage a forest that is located within their own traditional lands.

What is or isn't in the throne speech for northwestern Ontario?: Local politicians respond

Promises were aplenty in the Liberal minority government's speech from the throne, with topics ranging from climate action to empowering women to tackling systemic discrimination. But not everyone is pleased.

Rosh Hashanah in a pandemic: How the Thunder Bay Jewish community is celebrating the Jewish New Year in 2020

Rosh Hashanah is considered to be one of the most important events of the Jewish year. It's a celebration of the New Year, as marked by the Hebrew calendar, and will take place this year from September 18-20.

Basic income could lift singles out of deep poverty: Thunder Bay activist

A Thunder Bay-based anti-poverty activist says COVID-19 has demonstrated the gaps left by provincial and federal social assistance programs and is calling on governments to implement a universal basic income.

After three months without water, the taps are running again in Big Grassy River First Nation

Water is flowing through the taps once again in Big Grassy River First Nation after three months without consistent, potable water. However, the current water is untreated and coming directly from Lake of the Woods as the community waits for repairs to the water filtration system.

Mushroom foraging on the rise in northwestern Ontario as COVID-19 boosts interest in the activity

It's that time of year again where mushrooms of all kinds have been sprouting up across northwestern Ontario.

Surging interest in homeschooling is providing an opportunity to reflect on value of government-run education

As schools began to close back in March, Cindy Harasen remembers reading Facebook posts from parents concerned about what to do with their kids at home. She reached out to a few "veteran homeschoolers" in Thunder Bay, Ont. and asked if they would help answer questions or offer encouragement and resources to support parents as they navigated "this crisis schooling situation where they found themselves."

Girl from Kenora, Ont. inspires House of Commons petition to promote accessibility for visually impaired

Samantha Atchison remembers the day her daughter Jo-Hannah was diagnosed with optic nerve hypoplasia at four months old. "I had a little bit of a break down from it. You grieve a dream, but you can only grieve for so long before you wake up and you figure out how life is going to move forward."

Grand Chief of Treaty #3 shaves head in support of Kenora homeless shelter

After missing a few months' worth of haircuts due to COVID-19, Ogichidaa Francis Kavanaugh, the Grand Chief for Grand Council Treaty #3, decided to shave it all off in support of a homeless shelter in Kenora, Ont.