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Lakehead University 'acknowledges' law school dean's resignation

The dean of Lakehead University's law school is stepping down.

Angelique EagleWoman to exit position by end of June, cites 'systemic issues' within university

Angelique EagleWoman has announced she's stepping down as dean of Lakehead University's faculty of law. EagleWoman made the announcement Tuesday afternoon in an email to students. (Supplied)

The dean of Lakehead University's law school has told students in an email that she is stepping down.

Angelique EagleWoman made the announcement early Tuesday afternoon.

The email was obtained by CBC News.

"Systemic issues within the university and challenges to implementing the Bora Laskin Faculty of Law's Aboriginal and Indigenous law mandate have made my continued involvement in the law school untenable," EagleWoman wrote in the email.

"I sincerely believe that the law school and the university will overcome these systemic issues, but that task will have to fall to another dean," she wrote. "It has been a difficult decision, but I see no other course. I am therefore leaving my position in the hopes that the university and the Bora Laskin Faculty of Law will be able to confront and overcome these challenges."

No other details were available.

A statement emailed to CBC on Wednesday afternoon from Lakehead's media relations department stated "Lakehead University acknowledges receipt ... of Angelique EagleWoman's resignation as Dean of our Bora Laskin Faculty of Law."

"All programs and services at our Faculty of Law continue as usual."

A call to EagleWoman's office was not returned.

In the email, EagleWoman states that while details of her departure are still being worked out, she will exit the position by the end of June.

EagleWoman took over the dean's job in May 2016.