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Kenora, Ont. bikers fundraise in honour of soldier killed in Afghanistan

A group of Kenora motorcyclists will take part in a charity ride this weekend to remember a soldier killed in Afghanistan.

Canadian Army Veterans motorcycle unit organizes rides to raise money for Kenora, Ont. charities

George Storm became a member of the Canadian Army Veterans motorcycle unit after his brother Albert Storm's death. The Kenora chapter is known as Hindenberg line. (Brian Newton)

A group of Kenora, Ont. motorcyclists will take part in a charity ride Saturday to remember a soldier killed in Afghanistan.

Corporal Albert Storm planned to retire from the forces and move back to Kenora after his tour of duty in 2006 — but he was killed in a suicide bomb attack.

Fellow members of the Canadian Army Veterans motorcycle unit decided to name the ride after him, his brother George Storm said.

"My brother was a very compassionate kind of person," he said.

"He would always help the seniors or help somebody less fortunate, and I think that's why they decided to name it after him."

Albert had plans to join George in Kenora after his retirement.

"We had already made plans to buy some property and look at business opportunities," George Storm said.

'Continued with the plans'

Albert was killed — along with Chief Warrant Officer Robert Girouard — in a suicide bomb attack during Operation Medusa on Nov. 27, 2006.

George Storm became a member of the Canadian Army Veterans motorcycle unit after his brother's death.  The Kenora chapter is known as The Hindenberg Line.

"It offered me something to look forward to and try and get something good out of why my brother was killed and why Canadians had put themselves up front during this war," he said.

"My brother's plan was he was going to finish this tour, and we had decided that we would buy a couple of motorcycles and go visit our sister who lives in Alberta ... so after he passed away, I said, 'Well, it was something we'd planned together.' I went out ... and continued on with the plans," George Storm said.

The unit has been doing charity rides for the last several years to raise money for local organizations, but this will be the first in George Storm's honour.

The riders will stop in Vermilion Bay Saturday, and then travel to Dryden to help out a Red Cross Fundraiser before returning to Kenora for dinner. 

Proceeds from this weekend's motorcycle ride will benefit Kenora's accessible transit service, Handi-Transit.


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