Thunder Bay

Sarah Jackson has walked 5000 kilometres — from Victoria to Thunder Bay

A woman who has spent the past year walking on the Trans Canada Trail reached the halfway point today.

By setting out to cross the whole country on foot, Jackson hopes to raise awareness of the Trans Canada Trail

Sarah Jackson has reached the halfway point on her journey by foot across Canada. (Sarah Jackson - Instagram)

A woman who has spent the past year walking on the Trans Canada Trail reached the halfway point today.

Sarah Jackson left Victoria B.C. in June of 2015 and will be in Thunder Bay today.

Jackson had to start walking along the highway in the northwest, however, due to a gap in the trail.

She said she hopes her walk will help draw attention to the benefits of a well used, completely finished Trans Canada trail.

"Awareness [of the trail] is definitely a thing," Jackson said, "and just the fact that there are some gaps. They are still finishing it up. They are hoping to be done by 2017. Maybe as far as that goes, when it's complete, that will be a huge accomplishment."

Jackson said she will not be able to get back on the Trans Canada trail until she reaches Sault Ste. Marie.

She said the trip has been without any bear or other animal encounters so far, although getting ticks in Manitoba was not one of her favourite experiences.

"Bugs are interesting. I'm not a fan," she said. "We don't have ticks really around Edmonton, so I didn't enjoy that going through the Whiteshell (in Manitoba) really."

The weather has sometimes, but not always, cooperated.

"I've had some hard days in the winter, when it's been -35 C. and I have been out tenting," she said.

As for the wear and tear on her body, Jackson said she has learned to just listen to the warning signs before risking injury.

Read Sarah's blog here.

Jackson said she just endured through the "huge cycle of body hurts and things that ache." 

"It's taxing on the body, for sure. There has been a huge learning curve," she said, "I've come to understand when I need a break. And understand when I can push through."

At this point,Jackson has walked over 5000 kilometres, mostly on on the trail.

With files from Gord Ellis. Edited/packaged by Casey Stranges