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Investigation into Ignace, Ont. death leads to drug trafficking charge

A 48-year-old Ignace, Ont. resident is charged with opioid trafficking after the sudden death of a 37-year-old man in the northwestern Ontario community.

OPP began investigating the sudden death of 37-year-old Nathaniel Lacroix from Burlington, Ont. last week.

Provincial police have charged a 48-year-old Ignace, Ont. resident with opioid trafficking. (Tom Addison/CBC)

The investigation into the death of a man in Ignace, Ont. has resulted in police laying a drug charge.

Provincial police said a 48-year-old resident of the northwestern Ontario is charged with opioid trafficking.

Police had been investigating the sudden death of Nathaniel Lacroix, a 37-year-old from Burlington, Ont., who was found dead on West Street on Dec. 6.

The accused appeared in court on Tuesday and was remanded into custody.

Police said the investigation is continuing and anyone with information is asked to contact the OPP.