Hunter harrassment Bill C-655 to protect hunters, angler and trappers

A private members bill would make it illegal to "intentionally interfere" with fishing, hunting, sport shooting or trapping.
A private members bill aims to make it illegal to interfere with people who are lawfully taking part in land-based activities like this moose hunter in northwestern Ontario. (Gord Ellis/CBC)
A private members before the House of Commons could make it illegal to harass hunters and anglers.

Bill C-655 would amend the Criminal Code and make it an offence to interfere with anyone lawfully fishing, hunting, sport shooting or trapping.

Phil Morlock with Shimano Canada supports Bill C-655. (Phil Morlock)
Hunter harrassment is an increasing concern, according to Phil Morlock, the environmental affairs for Shimano Canada, a company that makes outdoor recreation supplies.

"With new technology, there are already several examples that we have become aware of where drones are being used to harrass deer hunters in tree stands and other people that are involved in hunting activities," Morlock said.

The bill was introduced by Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz from Saskatchewan, who is also a founding member of the Parliamentary Outdoors Caucus.

The group is made up of 123 MPs and senators from all four parties who have an interest in outdoor activities, including Thunder Bay-Superior North MP Bruce Hyer, a Green Party member, who has already pledged his support of of the bill.


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