Thunder Bay

Hells Angels logo appears on Thunder Bay building

The Hells Angel logo has once again resurfaced in Thunder Bay.

'Hells Angels Ontario' appears near doorway of Simpson Street building

The Hells Angels Ontario logo appeared at a building on Simpson Street in Thunder Bay. (Jeff Walters/Thunder Bay)

The Hells Angel logo has once again resurfaced in Thunder Bay.

'Hells Angels Ontario' recently appeared on a building at 636 and a half Simpson Street. The building is the same location that Thunder Bay Police conducted a raid at in October, 2014.

Linda Bruins, the executive director of Evergreen A United Neighbourhood said she's not impressed that the logo has reappeared in the area.
The former Hells Angels clubhouse, at the corner of McKenzie and Heron Streets, is seen here before being renovated by the Evergreen A United Neighbourhood group.

"It is disappointing, but I understand that's sometimes how things operate."

"Personally, I have never seen them out and about. I don't know if that's the change of laws that you can't wear your logo and patches, but the impact that they're having I'd say is lessening."

Bruins said although it's obvious there's a Hells Angels presence once again in the area, she said the impact of the group seems to be weakening.

"Neighbourhood kids don't know what Hells Angels mean. It's kind of a changing of the old guard. I'm hopeful that their presence continues not to be far, so good it's been."

Ironically, the Evergreen A United Neighbourhood office is located in a former Hells Angels clubhouse at Heron and McKenzie Streets.
This building on Simpson Street serves as the Hells Angels clubhouse in Thunder Bay. (Jeff Walters/CBC)

A spokesperson for Thunder Bay Police said it's significant that the logo currently visible on Simpson Street says 'Hells Angels Ontario' instead of 'Hells Angels Thunder Bay.'

The main difference is the local clubhouse is part of the Ontario chapter, meaning there are not enough members to create a full-fledged Thunder Bay chapter.


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