Thunder Bay baker Liesl Orford creates hundreds of pies for Pie.ology

Liesl Orford has quickly built her own small business, making handpies. She prepares about 500 pies a week for the Thunder Bay Country Market.
Liesl Orford makes her apple handpies with fruit from the Slate River Valley in Thunder Bay. (Instagram)
Liesl Orford works all day, every day, creating pies.
Liesl Orford created her own business making pies because she couldn't find full time work in Thunder Bay. (Twitter)

Her business, known as Pie.ology, has become a full time job for her. The Alberta-born woman moved to Thunder Bay for love. The love has lasted, but finding the right job for her didn't — so she created her own.

Pie.ology has become wildly successful. Every week she makes close to 500 handpies to sell at the Thunder Bay Country Market. She bakes a lot of them on location, and she's often sold out within a few hours.

Orford recently won Paro Centre's Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Listen below for an interview between CBC Thunder Bay's Superior Morning radio show host Lisa Laco and Liesl Orford.

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Liesl Orford makes nearly 500 handpies a week for her business at Thunder Bay Farmer's Market. (Facebook)