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Fort William Historical Park builds world's largest snow maze

It took the help of engineers, surveyors and more than a month to construct, but Fort William Historical Park says it shattered a Guinness record on Sunday for the world's largest snow maze.
The snow maze broke a previous record by more than 500 square metres. (Sergio Buonocore)

It took the help of engineers, surveyors and more than a month of construction, but Fort William Historical Park in Thunder Bay says it has shattered a Guinness World book of Records mark for world's largest snow maze.

The Fort said the nearly 1,700-square-metre maze breaks the previous record from 2010 which stood at almost 1,200 square metres.

The snow maze measures 1,696 square metres. (Sergio Buonocore)

The official measurement confirmed on Sunday came in at 1,696 square metres.

"It involved a fair amount of work by our staff," park general manager Sergio Buonocore said.

"We invented tools to actually build the snow maze, and  it certainly took a bit of time to put together because there's a lot of walls, it's really easy to get lost in there," he said.

Buonocore said the Fort worked through an extensive application process with Guinness, and "secured the services of official surveyors, engineers observing, and we had other officials from city council and other prominent people in the community which were all established under the critera of Guinness." 

He said a photo of the project will be published in the Guinness Book of World Records.


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