Canada's Greatest Explorer contestant says wilderness is 'bliss'

Joshua Henry, a 28-year-old from Fort Frances, Ont., thinks he has what it takes to be named the country's Greatest Explorer, in a contest sponsored by Woods Canada, an outdoor equipment company.

'It's everything" says Joshua Henry of time spent with family and friends in Canadian wilderness

Joshua Henry of Fort Frances, Ont., taking a selfie at Emerald Lake, Alta., is hoping to make it to the final round of 12 in the Canada's Greatest Explorer contest. (Joshua Henry)
Josh Henry from Fort Frances needs your vote to become "Canada's Greatest Explorer." 3:42

Joshua Henry, a 28-year-old from Fort Frances, Ont., thinks he has what it takes to be named the country's Greatest Explorer. 

The adventure-tour guide and world traveller is vying to be one of twelve finalists, and ultimately the winner, of a competition sponsored by Woods Canada, an outdoor equipment company.

"I think you have to be up for any challenge, you have to be able to adapt to the elements and you just have to have a sense of adventure, " said Henry. "I really have a sense of pride, that's why I'm a guide, to show people the greatness of what Canada has to offer,"

As part of the entry process, each contestant had to submit a video, showcasing their outdoor and exploring skills.

Henry was travelling in Thailand and took the opportunity to challenge his friend Johnny Ward of Ireland — who is set to become the second youngest person to visit every country in the world — to a series of tests, including who could set up a tent the quickest, and who had the best aim at the archery range.

And who won?

Joshua Henry, pictured here on a trail outside Whistler, B.C., is hoping to win the title of Canada's Greatest Explorer. (Joshua Henry)

"Of course the Canadian did!," joked Henry, who puts his camping and trekking skills to the test regularly by leading trips through the Rocky Mountains.

It's experiences likes those which have convinced him, that although globetrotting is great, there really is no place like home for truly appreciating the Canadian wilderness.

'It's excitement, it's bliss'

"It's everything. It's relaxation. It's excitement. It's bliss. Just being in the outdoors with my family and friends in Canada is a void I can't fill when I'm overseas," said Henry.

The top twelve are shifting, but Henry was in a position to qualify for the next round, with online voting closing on May 11.

After that, the top 12 outdoor enthusiasts will be pitted against the elements and each other in a series of challenges to prove their strength and passion for the Canadian wilderness.

The winner will receive $25,000.


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