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First Wesley United Church celebrates Holy Humour Sunday

Members of First Wesley United Church in Thunder Bay spent most of their Sunday service laughing out loud.
Gord Towill, a member of the First Wesley United Church choir, and Reverend Scott Gale ham it up during choir practice before the Holy Humour Sunday service. (Jeff Walters/CBC)

Members of First Wesley United Church in Thunder Bay spent most of their Sunday service laughing out loud.

The church celebrated 'Holy Humour Sunday', where church members were encouraged to laugh during the service and tell jokes. Some wore wigs, hockey jerseys and clown costumes. Even the sermon was spent practising laughing yoga. 
Members of the choir at First Wesley United Church warm up before the Holy Humour Sunday service. (Jeff Walters/CBC)

Reverend Scott Gale said the day shows members of his congregation that religion is not all serious.

"That laughter and humour should be part of worship, and should be part of our faith as well."

Laughable Sermon

Colleen Dolce delivered the sermon to parishioners, using the techniques of laughing yoga. She said it's her third time taking part in the service.

"They ask me back every year to do this. So they love it. They must love it if they keep saying come back and do some laughter yoga for the sermon. I am the sermon today."
Members of the choir, dressed in various costumes, sit at the front of First Wesley United Church during Holy Humour Sunday. (Jeff Walters/CBC)

Dolce said she gets the congregation howling by the end of the service.

"It's like simulated laughter that often leads to real laughter. So laughter yoga we laugh for absolutely no reason at all. Just like babies laugh for no reason at all, they don't need a reason or a joke, something clever, we're just going to laugh."

Gale said he was pleased with how many members dressed up with funny outfits, or brightly coloured clothing.

He was wearing a cheesehead, brightly coloured shirt and Bart Simpson socks.

"Trying to get in the spirit and I see our choir and many of the other congregation members are dressed up colourfully, and it's just going to be a wonderful service."