Thunder Bay

Public complaints prompt fireworks bylaw review in Thunder Bay, Ontario

Thunder Bay City Council has asked administration to review its fireworks bylaw due to public complaints.

City administration directed to review bylaw, which has been in place since 1993

The City of Thunder Bay will examine its existing fireworks bylaw, which has been in place since 1993. A report on how the bylaw is due back before council in November. (CBC)

City council in Thunder Bay, Ont., has asked administration to review its fireworks bylaw due to public complaints.

The motion was tabled by Coun. Aldo Ruberto at Monday's meeting, and approved by council that night.

The current fireworks bylaw has been in place since 1993, but Ruberto said he's concerned people aren't abiding by the rules given the number of complaints he received around Canada Day this year.

"It seems that people are setting off fireworks three days prior, and three days after the day of the celebration, or when we should be setting them off," Ruberto told council. "This has caused a lot of angst."

"I would say that people with animals in particular are really complaining, and they should," he said.

Ruberto's request would see administration look at what other municipalities have done to address concerns over fireworks.

"I think people have been sort of stretching the rules and regulations more and more and more every single year," he said.

The existing fireworks bylaw is "old," said City of Thunder Bay general manager of development and emergency services Mark Smith.

"It controls both the sale and the use of fireworks," Smith said, adding that certain classes of fireworks require permits to use.

The existing bylaw also limits when fireworks can be used in the city; Smith said fireworks can only be sold and used around statutory holidays under the bylaw.

A report on the fireworks bylaw is due back at council in November.