Facebook found my guitar

A Thunder Bay musician is celebrating the return of her stolen guitar, after a community effort to get it back.

Thunder Bay musician's guitar stolen from car, community rallies to get it back

Janie Chadwick and her guitar have been reunited after it was stolen from her car. (supplied)

A Thunder Bay musician is celebrating the return of her stolen guitar, after a community effort to get it back.

Janie Chadwick's guitar was taken about two weeks ago, when her car was robbed.

And it wasn't just any guitar. Chadwick received the Zebrawood, or "Ibanez" guitar, as a gift about four years ago when her grandmother passed away.

"I haven't played a gig in four years without this guitar," she said. "It was bought to commemorate my grandmother, and it's very special in that way."

Chadwick made a report to police and handed out lost guitar posters, but she also advertised the loss on Facebook with a picture of her with her guitar that said: "This guitar has been stolen, please help me find it, Thunder Bay."

In the first week after she lost her guitar Chadwick said she was hopeful that she would get it back, because so many people had seen her plea online. But by week two, she was less optimistic.

'I was just shocked'

In the meantime, a fellow musician started an online fundraising campaign to raise the money to replace her guitar.

On Wednesday, minutes before she went to buy a new guitar, she received a phone call from a local pawn shop.

"He said to me, ‘I think I have your guitar’," Chadwick recalled. "I was just shocked."

She got to store within 10 minutes and — sure enough — found her guitar.

"I just think it was fate … Me and that guitar weren't meant to be apart."  

She gave the pawn shop what they paid for it — only $70. The guitar is worth $800.

Donations to replace guitar now going to charity

Chadwick said the fundraising campaign to replace the lost guitar raised about $600.

Now that it's been found, the money will be donated to the Underground Gym, a non-profit organization in Thunder Bay that offers free activities for kids. They're in need of some guitars for their free music program for youth.

"I was just thinking about all the help that I received from the community, and how great that is," Chadwick said.

On May 27 there will a live music session at the Apollo in Thunder Bay, to celebrate the return of the guitar and the generosity of the community.