Dryden flood damaged 50 homes, pushed city infrastructure to limit

Dryden continues cleaning up in the aftermath of Friday's flood in the city.

Environment Canada says 150mm of rain fell on Friday

Environment Canada estimates that 150 mm of rain fell on Friday in Dryden. (Joel Allen ‏Twitter @jallen_wx )

The city of Dryden, Ont. continues to clean up in the aftermath of Friday's flood.

Torrential downpours of rain on Friday afternoon resulted in the closure of several roads, and heavy damage to about 50 private homes.

Environment Canada says about 150 millimetres of rain fell on some areas of the city.

Greg Wilson, Dryden's mayor, said large amounts of water and debris clogged up culverts, causing water to back up and run over roads.

"I think the city handled it well. The emergency services, we jumped at it and got the control centre going on Friday night, and everybody was communicating well."

Wilson said it's an unfortunate learning experience for the whole community.

"Yes we're discouraged at what happened," he said. "People on a personal level .... with the private property, and also publicly, it's a bit of a setback."

"But it's also an opportunity to see where the weaknesses are in our infrastructure."

With files from Kris Ketonen. Edited/packaged by Casey Stranges