Thunder Bay

'Passion for fashion' to be on display at annual Definitely Superior Art Gallery event

Michel Dumont has a "passion for fashion," — especially when it comes to unconventional attire — and it will be on display this weekend in Thunder Bay, Ont.

Derelicte event features fashion shows, 'wearable art' and performances

Artist Michel Dumont is putting the finishing touches on a piece of 'wearable art' featuring these thigh-high boots made of cellophane and tape. (Amy Hadley/CBC)

Michel Dumont has a "passion for fashion," — especially when it comes to unconventional attire — and it will be on display this weekend in Thunder Bay, Ont. 

Dumont is one of 15 artists creating "wearable art," for the 11th annual Derelicte: A Fashion Odyssey event, run by Definitely Superior Art Gallery.

The chance to show off outrageous costume-creations, and see them paraded down a runway, has become an annual highlight, Dumont said. 

Reflective silver stars will be attached to the skirt, creating a flower-like effect. (Amy Hadley/CBC)

"This event is my second favourite event of the gallery season here in Thunder Bay," he said, noting that his first is Definitely Superior's Halloween event. 

"Because it's costumes, it's wearable art ... and I'm a wearable artist." 

His materials of choice are highly unusual. He uses cellophane, and layers of tape to create intricate outfits. 

This year's creation will feature a full-skirted dress and thigh-high boots decorated with stars and flowers made of reflective materials, and will be worn by a local drag-queen. It should create a stunning effect when cameras start to flash, he said. 

Flash photography will cause the reflective material to stand out, creating the effect seen on the right. (Amy Hadley/CBC)

"When they use flash photography, boom, the model's face will disappear, it becomes a silhouette, sort of like a mosaic in light, a kaleidoscope."

Dumont said he's looking forward to seeing the reaction of the audience at the event, and to seeing what other artists come up with. 

"My mouth drops when I see the quality of artwork in the city. I'm just happy that I've got my place amongst them," he said. 

Derelicte takes place Saturday Jan. 26 at Black Pirates Pub. The event also features musical, dance and drag performances and a costume contest.