Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay has unique musical connection to legendary singer David Crosby

When David Crosby plays Thunder Bay on Tuesday night, at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, he will be performing in the city for the very first time.

Stephen Stills met Neil Young in Fort William in 1965: Both went on to be part of CSNY

Davis Crosby's performance in Thunder Bay on Sept. 6, 2016, will be the first time the singer has visited the city. (photo credit:

When David Crosby plays in Thunder Bay, Ont. on Tuesday night, at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, he will be performing in the city for the very first time.

However, Crosby's visit to Thunder Bay comes nearly 50 years after a legendary moment in rock 'n' roll history was made by two artists closely associated with the singer.

In 1965, singer-songwriter Neil Young and his band the Squires were regulars on the Fort William, Ontario, bar scene.

Around that time, a guitar player named Stephen Stills was doing a cross-Canada tour with a group called the Company.

During a tour stop in the Lakehead, Stills met Young.

The duo would meet again months later in Los Angeles and the band Buffalo Springfield was born.

Crosby would later play with both Stills and Young in the legendary vocal group Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

When David Crosby was asked about the story during a recent interview with CBC Thunder Bay, he admitted he had never heard of how his two long-time colleagues met. 

"What was Stephen Stills doing in Thunder Bay?" said Crosby.

Crosby said he was happy to become a part of Thunder Bay's rock 'n' roll lineage. "I can do that," he said.

Despite Young's often idiosyncratic singing style, Crosby said he never had trouble harmonizing with him. "For me it's not difficult, because I understand him very well," he said. "I've sung with him a lot. I think it would be hard for someone else who didn't know him real well."

Despite his membership in two Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inducted bands, The Byrds, and CSNY, Crosby said he loves performing solo.

"It's a joy." he said. "I can sing anything I want. I don't have to sing in lockstep. And the words really count, and that I really love."