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Thunder Bay's Sleeping Giant craft brewery has big plans for the future

Sleeping Giant Brewery in Thunder Bay, Ont. hopes to have their products on local grocery store shelves soon.
Matt Pearson is one of the owners of Sleeping Giant Brewery in Thunder Bay, Ont. (supplied)

Matt Pearson of Sleeping Giant Brewery in Thunder Bay, Ont. says negotiations are underway to get his craft beer into grocery stores within the next year.  

The Ontario government has opened up the way beer and wine are sold in this province, and has promised that some products could be on grocery store shelves by the end of December.

Pearson hopes that eventually all locally owned grocery stores will be allowed to sell locally brewed beer. 
Some of the products from Sleeping Giant Brewery in Thunder Bay (Facebook)

Pearson believes that the future of his business will also be tied to collaborations with local restaurants, farmers and food producers.  

He is already pairing his product with Brule Creek Mill to create a beer bread mix, and working with Tomlin Restaurant to create a line of beer mustards. His beer has also been featured in many recipes at local eateries, he said. 

Ontario's craft breweries account for a growing share of beer sales in the province, said Pearson. Craft beer continues to be the fastest growing segment within the LCBO's beer category.

Listen to the full interview with the CBC's Lisa Laco here or tap on the audio link.

Matt Pearson of Sleeping Giant Brewery says the future looks bright for his business. He's delighted by the success of his brewery and says local collaboration is important to that success. 7:05


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