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Young black bear on Dorion, Ont. doorstep captured on video

A resident of Dorion, Ont., a small rural community just east of Thunder Bay, was able to capture a quick encounter with a young black bear.

It was 'kind of a cute encounter,' Dorion, Ont., resident Marysol Deeley said

Marysol Deeley greeted this young black bear on her doorstep while recording the encounter on video. (Marysol Deeley)

A woman in Dorion, Ont., just east of Thunder Bay, has recorded video of a scruffy young black bear that turned up on her doorstep over the weekend.

Marysol Deeley said she wanted to capture the encounter for friends who don't live in the country, and who don't have the opportunity to see wildlife up close. 

Deeley was lying in bed early Saturday morning when she heard a bang, followed by tapping on the bedroom window, she said.

When she pulled her curtain back, she saw a young black bear trying to get in. 

Deeley went to her front door and noticed the shape of the animal through the window.

Having established that it was still young but was no longer accompanied by its mother, Deeley said she felt safe opening the door for her visitor.   

"As soon as I opened the door, it had a stunned look on its face," she told CBC News.  "Then it just turned and ran away."

"I made some noise to scare it a little bit more so it would be afraid of humans the next time it comes near the houses, and it took off pretty quick."

Deeley has frequent run-ins with bears on her property in Dorion, she said, but she described the weekend incident as "kind of a cute encounter," adding "I've had far larger encounters than that."