Sara Kae


Sara Kae is an Ojibway/Cree reporter of Lake Helen First Nation based in Thunder Bay, Ont. She covers stories that highlight Indigenous voices with a special focus on arts and culture.

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Indigenous TikTok creators get together to share their experiences on the app

Many Indigenous creators say TikTok is more than just a place for silly content — it's a place for them to be the representation they did not see growing up.

How Indigenous businesses are paving their way in northwestern Ontario

Owning a business is no walk in the park, but that is not deterring Indigenous entrepreneurs in northwestern Ontario from jumping in head first into the true definition of "being your own boss".

Families, advocates continue to speak out for MMIWG2S in Thunder Bay

Community members gathered in Thunder Bay on Tuesday to honour Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two Spirit individuals. Their walk began at city hall and travelled to the CLE Heritage Building.

How Anishinaabemowin bridges gaps between organizations and Indigenous communities in northwestern Ontario

Lakehead University's Faculty of Law and Treaty Three Police are examples of two organizations that are using Anishinaabemowin in branding and campaigns, with hopes of properly representing the communities that they serve.

Ojibway family seeks apology from northwestern Ontario municipality after loved one's memorial torn down

An Ojibway family in northwestern Ontario is seeking an apology about the way things were handled involving a handmade memorial to their loved ones at the cemetery in Pickle Lake, Ont.

How an Anishinaabemowin camp immerses families in language and culture

The Thunder Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre created a one day Anishinaabemowin language camp for various age groups and participants throughout the week. The language is mixed in with cultural activities from moose hide tanning to snowshoeing.

What Indigenous language revitalization looks like in northern Ontario

From language apps to Order of Canada appointments, language revitalization success stories from northern Ontario are being recognized and celebrated.

Three Indigenous artists to watch in 2023

It's always nice to look forward to something in the new year. CBC's Sara Kae is looking forward to hearing more from three artists that she thinks you should be watching.

Inside the chaos of caring for more than 100 rescue dogs suddenly stranded by weather in Thunder Bay

More than 100 dogs and puppies were supposed to be relocated from Manitoba to the East Coast, but that all came to halt due to weather and vehicle issues in Thunder Bay on Thursday, leaving a local animal rescue to care for them without any notice.

Shortage of foster homes strains animal rescue efforts in northwestern Ontario

Staff at animal rescues in the Thunder Bay, Ont., region are growing more tired as requests keep piling up for homes for animals. The increase has made it more difficult to find foster homes for the animals before heading off to their forever homes.