Olivia Levesque


Having been raised in Thunder Bay, Olivia is proud to report on stories in the city and across the northwestern Ontario region.

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'It's incredibly sad': Piece of Thunder Bay Ont. history lost in Bay Street fire

When a fire broke out at a nearly 100-year-old building on the corner of Bay and Machar Streets in Thunder Bay Ont. last Friday the city not only lost homes and a business, but also a rich part of Thunder Bay's history.

Thunder Bay Ont. mental health experts say chronic stress a big concern at 1 year mark of pandemic

Since the month of March rolled around, more and more people might be noticing an increase in feelings such as exhaustion, helplessness and chronic stress.

Members of personal care industry question lockdown structure after restrictions ease for other sectors

Members of the personal care industry in northern Ontario are raising concerns about the effectiveness and the fairness of the current lockdown structure in the district.

Schreiber Ont., artist takes up cool new craft making ice sculptures

An artist in Schreiber Ont., who is well known for creating unique art pieces in the snow, has taken to a new medium this winter.

Ojibway artist from Red Lake Ont., collaborates with NHL's Chicago Blackhawks on Land Acknowledgement

An Ojibway artist from Red Lake Ont., now has his artwork on display in the NHL's Chicago Blackhawks home arena as part of the teams' new Land Acknowledgement.

Design by Thunder Bay Ont., artist makes appearance in Super Bowl commercial

A Thunder Bay Ont., graphic designer says catching a glimpse of his work in a Super Bowl ad this weekend has been a "wild" experience on top of an already eventful few weeks.

New Black Excellence Award for Thunder Bay high school students aims to inspire, show representation

Two community organizers are hopeful a new award for graduating high school students in Thunder Bay will help to recognize Black youth for their achievements, while inspiring others to do the same.

Schreiber, Ont., man stuns community with unique large-scale snow art

A snowshoer in Schreiber Ont., is using frozen lakes and snow covered fields in the region as his canvas to create some breathtaking artwork.

Lac Seul First Nation land-based educators adapt to pandemic, virtual teaching

Outdoor and cultural educators with the Lac Seul First Nation Education Authority have had to adjust their teaching strategies over the course of the pandemic, shaking up the way they deliver land-based learning opportunities to students within their communities.

Letter from 1918 pandemic connects Thunder Bay woman to distant relatives, online community amid COVID-19

In 2019, Lindsay Doran-Bonk received a scanned copy of an 100-year-old letter, penned by her great-grandmother, Marion Elizabeth "Bessie" Forester. At the time, Doran-Bonk, a Thunder Bay Ont. resident, saw the letter as an interesting glimpse into the past, not realizing the significance it would hold for herself and for an online community in a year's time.