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7 Thunder Bay city services that could cost more this year

Thunder Bay residents are facing increased costs for everything from riding the bus to flushing the toilet if city council ratifies the budget next month.

Transit, child care, parking fees all set to rise in new city budget

The cost of numerous city services will go up this year, if city council ratifies the 2015 budget as-is. Over 20 increases or new fees are in the budget package. Areas affected include parking, transit, recreational facilities and parks, Meals on Wheels and some child care costs.

Thunder Bay residents are facing increased costs for a range of city services from riding the bus to flushing the toilet if city council ratifies the budget next month.

The budget has been approved by council, but could see changes at a meeting to ratify it on March 2. 

Thunder Bay city manager Tim Commisso. (Jeff Walters/CBC)
City manager Tim Commisso said city staff put a lot of thought into deciding by how much to increase user fees.

"In recreation, transit, we try to put forward fees that are going to maximize our revenues but also recognizing that they're having to be born by our users," Commisso said.

Here are seven city services that will cost more if the budget is ratified:

  • 1. Transit: Fares are set to increase by 5 cents per ride and a 20-ride pass will cost more.
  • 2. Recreation, parks and arena rentals: It'll cost an average of 1.5 per cent more to get into the Canada Games Complex. Hourly ice rental fees at city arenas will go up by $5 per hour. Campground fees and field booking rates at city parks will increase by two per cent.
  • 3. Child care: Some users could see increases of two to five per cent.
  • 4. Homes for the Aged: Meals on Wheels' cost per meal will go up by 25 cents.
  • 5. Parking: Fines will increase $5 per fine, parking meter rates on-street and in lots will go from $1 per hour to $1.25 per hour. Daily rates at city parkades will increase by 25 cents to $1 per hour, keeping the daily maximum at $5. There will be a $1 increase to monthly rates at parkades and parking lots.
  • 6. Solid waste: The $10 base fee remains the same, but loads of more than 160 kilograms will be charged 7 per cent more.
  • 7. Sewer surcharge on water bills: An average homeowner can expect to pay about $80 more per year.


  • An earlier version of this story referred to new accessible transit service no-show and cancellation fees. The city says its budget document contains an error. Those fees are not new.
    Feb 17, 2015 4:48 PM ET


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