Terry Fox remembered after 20 years

It's hard to believe, but twenty years have passed since Terry Fox started his Marathon of Hope. On Wednesday, the occasion was marked in the place where it all began - St. John's, Newfoundland.

Twenty years ago, Terry Fox dipped his leg into St. John's harbour and marked the beginning of his Marathon of Hope. Fox planned to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. On Wednesday, his mother Betty came to St. John's to mark the day it all started.

"It's hard to believe it's been 20 years," said Betty Fox, "I've been digging through boxes - there are poems, photos, telegrams. It's so emotional. I'm surprised I'm pulling myself together today."

Other people felt emotional too. Dorothy Wyatt was the mayor of St. John's when Terry came to town. She let Terry wear her mayor's regalia and raise the flag at City Hall. Wyatt says Terry was the most inspirational person she's ever met. When Terry started his run, she took off after him. "I started to run up the hill. He outran me, even though I was a pretty good runner in those days," said Wyatt.

But Terry Fox didn't get the chance to finish his run. When he got to Thunder Bay, Ontario, doctors discovered cancer in his lungs. He was forced to quit and later died.

But his legacy lives on. That legacy has been taught to, among others, new Canadians. He's become part of the culture, and part of the reason Betty Fox presses on. They're still looking for a cure, she says, but she hopes there will come a day when there's no need to look any more, and that it happened because of Terry Fox money.